Interview with 'Wilfred' Lead, Jason Gann


Jason Gann is an Australian actor, comedian, writer, producer best known for his role as Wilfred on both the Australian and American versions of the show. Not only does he act for the show, he also co-produces the show and has written many episodes. Check out the interview with Jason below and be sure to tune into “Wilfred” on FX every Thursday night at 10/9 ET.


I know all dogs are colorblind, but I figure Wilfred is the anomaly to this case. If he were to have a favorite color, what do you think it would be?

 “Turd brown.”

 What crazy thing you would LOVE Wilfred to do on the show?

 “Have a sexual affair with Kristen (Ryan’s sister).”

 Now working as a man playing a dog, do you ever find yourself struggling to find a line between man and beast?

“Yes, always have. Smell is important to me. I’m always sniffing girls.”

What is it like working opposite Elijah Wood?

 “We laugh all day, every day. He makes it fun for me. Being in that suit can be difficult.”

 Do you find it hard not to quote “Lord of the Rings” to him? One fan mentioned they would follow him on set and scream “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

 “That’s funny. No, I’ve only seen the first “Lord of the Rings” years ago, and I don’t remember it. Never seen Harry Potter either.”

 Every time I watch you on screen I ask myself – how comfortable is that suit? I would assume it gets itchy. How long are you forced to wear it each day you film?

“It’s about as comfortable as it looks. But it’s all worth it once the show is over. I’m never in it more than 20 minutes at a time… but it adds up.”

 Do you ever go naked in the suit? I know I would try.

“Yes, I have been naked in it.”

 How much of the show is scripted and how much of it is improv?

“99% is written.”

Being an executive producer/writer for the show, do you find it difficult maintaining those roles while also providing the talent?

 “It’s three months writing followed by three months shooting. So its a tough six months, but I totally love the show so mostly it’s a joy.”

 Is there anything else in the works (outside of ‘Wilfred’) from you that we should make sure to look out for?

 “Nothing I’m ready to announce”

Season 1 vs. Season 2?


American version vs. Australian version?

“American version.”

Best for Ryan: Amanda vs. Jenna?


I noticed you already answered a version of this question on twitter, but I’m going to switch it up a bit, If you could pick any FEMALE guest star on the show (dead or alive), who would it be?

 “Felicity Jones.”

 Someone wanted me to personally ask you this question, which I will censor for whatever sake, “Why (and how) are you so fricking awesome?”

 “I’m as awesome as God lets me be.”

 And one last thing, I know the whole world is wondering (or maybe it is just me) the answer to this question, do you think there is going to be a wedding in the near future for Wilfred and Bear?

 “If the laws in California allow it, yeah why not?”

Check out the preview below for the next episode entitled, “Truth.” 



  1. One of my friends had seen the Australian version of Wilfred and suggested I watch the American version of Wilfred. I found it on my Dish Remote Access app and am happy I did or else I would never have had time to check it out. Jason Gann is a brilliant actor. With how hilarious this show is it is hard to believe he only spends six months on each season. If I ever wanted to act instead of work at Dish I would need far more than six months to complete a season.

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