Interview with The LA Complex's Jordan Johnson-Hinds

Jordan is a Canadian actor who has guest starred on shows like ‘Flashpoint’ and ‘Life with Derek’. He currently stars as Kevin on the CW’s ‘The LA Complex’. Check out our interview with Jordan below. We discuss Ellen Page, pool parties and being star struck. Don’t forget to catch Jordan on ‘The LA Complex’ every Tuesday at 9/8pm CST.

What is your favorite audition you have done to date?

 ”It would have to be my audition for ‘The LA Complex’. From the word go I was ON lol. The lines just came out so natural. It felt like a Stand-Up set, The room was rolling!! When I was finished. I said to myself “I booked it J”. I hope I get to see it on the DVD release.”

Who on ‘The LA Complex’ is the funniest (if possible to pick one)?

“Wow! I laugh A LOT!! So the smallest things make me chuckle, and everyone on the show has had that HAHA moment.  But if I had to choose one, it would be Nick! Or Eddie!” 

Favorite musician or band?

“Favorite musician is Drizzy Drake! Favorite Band The Wanted!!”

 How did you land the role of Kevin on  ’The LA Complex’?

“Well I was originally supposed to audition for Tariq. But I knew I didn’t fit that breakdown, and also for me the actor, I wasn’t ready to play a gay part. But I really loved the breakdown for Nick Wagner. “Always the friend and never gets the girl”. That’s me, I said to myself. On top of that, I just did my first stand-up set a few months earlier. So I got my agent to switch the roles and she informed me that I would be the only African-American auditioning for the part of Nick, which was a good way to stand out. About a month after that audition I got a callback for Kevin! The rest is history! I always wanted to say that!”

Most of your scenes are at the hotel. Do you guys have a lot of pool parties?

 ”I keep saying I will jump in the pool with my clothes on!!! They never let me do it though. We definitely lounge around the pool on our lunch breaks and people go for swims. But, all the parties at The Lux are the ones you see on TV. Crazy fun filming them for the first few hours, but at around 5:30am everyone is like YO! Can we just get wrapped already lol..”

How are you similar to Kevin and how are you different?

“Like Kevin, I write, edit, and direct my own short films, music videos and weddings. I say our only difference is he is way more social than me. I maybe party three or four times a year.”

 Who are you closest to on set?

“I’m probably closest with Kris Turner (Cam) and Ennis Esmer (Eddie).  Only because most of my scenes are with them! I’m also close with some of the crew members. But, the one thing I do love about being on this set is that everyone is cool with everyone. We’re all like a big family!”

 Were you star struck to meet any of the cast members like Jewel or Cassie (or Alan or Paul if you’ve met them)?

 ”YES and YES! VERY!!! I would text my friends and say “Hey, you know Cassie Steele is RIGHT in front of me!” My first scene in episode 209 was with Jono, Jewel, and Cassie. And I missed my cue because I was so nervous! I never met Alan or Paul, but I heard they were SO NICE to work with!”

 Who in the cast would you like to do a scene with that you haven’t yet?

“Well…can I say Ellen Page ?? lol Her name was mentioned a whole bunch!! But, seriously, I would have to say Paul F. Tompkins. I play a writer and I think it would be cool to somehow incorporate that with Paul and Nick’s storylines.”

 Any chance of a Kevin & Raquel relationship? Or any love interest for Kevin? Maybe Ellen Page?

 ”In season three Kevin meets a beautiful Latina, and they fall madly in love!! Haha! But, I think a Kevquel hook up would be fun to see. I think I like the fact that Kevin is the only character that hasn’t kissed anybody in the show!! It makes him unique! Or really crappy at getting girls lol…”

 Besides acting what are your hobbies?

 ”I don’t know. I think I need to find a hobby.  love to travel and I love to write. If spending time with my family and my cat counts, those too!!”

 If you could be a superhero what would your super power be?

“The ability to travel light years to other planets and galaxies. I would honestly love to see the Universe as crazy as that sounds!”

 If you could work with any director who would you work with?

“The Coen Brothers!”

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