Interview with the Band of the Week: It Boys!

The It Boys! are an energetic pop-rock band from Southern California. The recently were seen on Warped Tour this summer as well as joining Forever the Sickest Kids and Paradise Fears on their One Direction Tour. Check out our interview with them below. To see their full featured article, click here.

What is the coolest thing that has happened to you since you released Burning Up?

“When we went skydiving and on our decent we were singing to each other the whole way down. We got through about 1 minute and 30 seconds of the song. We did video tape it.”

You guys did Warped Tour this year, how was it?

“It was sweaty. Some places it was freezing but then our tour bus broke.”

Are you excited to do Warped Tour in the UK?

“Yeah, especially because we have main-stage for that. The stage we were on for the US couldn’t really handle our bumpiness. Our tour manager is from the UK so we are going to bump, shake and grind.”

What kind of music do you guys listen to?

“Folk, Larry and His Flask, and a lot of underground bands.” -Matt

“I listen to a lot of underground bands like King Mitus and Victoria.” -Judah

You have a sweet Neff tour bus, how did you get the hookup for that?

“Our friend Sean owns Neff. We had this bus and we were going on Warped Tour this year and they wrapped it so we can take it. We didn’t take it on Warped, but here it is now. It’s yellow, it’s back and ready to go.”

Since you guys are on the One Direction tour, are you One Direction fans?

“100% absolutely.” – Matt

“Harry is the best.” – Judah

Do you guys have a favorite song to cover?

“We don’t really cover songs much. But if we did, we would probably cover Jolie.”

Besides Skydiving, what is the craziest thing to happen to you on tour?

“Probably when we went parachuting.” – Matt

“No, that’s that same thing as skydiving. I got one, we were at Warped, not quite sure which stop, and there was this hot air balloon. You went in the balloon and there was a ladder and they harnessed you in, so Matt harnessed in and went down the ladder and than he just hanged and then he came back up.” -Judah

Can you tell us about your new album ‘Introduction’?

“It’s 12 songs. It’s hard to chose a favorite because they are all fun and exciting. It’s an in-your-face energetic good listening album. We’re really proud of it.”

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