Interview with Calling Out West

Calling Out West is an “Alternative/Indie/Rock” band from Colorado. Listeners also enjoy bands like Panic! at the Disco, Neon Trees or All American Rejects. We got a chance to talk to them after their show with Hellogoodbye and William Beckett! Go check them out on iTunes, Twitter (@CallingOutWest), and Facebook to download some of their tracks for free!

Jake – Lead Vocals
Cody – Bass
Max – Old Guitarist
Zach – Drums
Mike – Guitar
Ben – New Guitarist

How did you guys pick your band name?

Cody – “He did (pointing at Mike), on the way to the studio he was just like “Hey guys, how about Calling Out West?” and we were like, “that sounds alright.””

Jake – “Our old band name was called “The Side Projects” we kinda made this band as a side project and we stuck with the name, but when you would get on iTunes or MySpace and search “The Side Project” like 30 pages of all these different kinds of bands would come up. So finally, we were like “we need to change our name.

We just finished recording our full length album and changed to “Calling Out West” because there’s not a single other band out there called that!”


On Facebook you recently posted that you’re booking a tour, what all can you tell us about that?

Mike – “Well, it starts off here in Denver, we’re gonna make our way down to Albuquerque, then over to Flagstaff, to Phoenix and Tucson. Then we’re gonna hit the West Coast and go from San Diego to Las Angeles area up to Fresno then San Francisco to Sacramento, to Oregon for Portland and Eugene, then we’ll make our way to Washington, then Boise Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah, then I believe we’re coming back to CO.”

Jake – “If you live in ANY of those places, try and come see us! Even if you don’t live there, you’re welcome to come, not restricted.”


How did you guys get involved with Hellogoodbye?

Cody – “We got asked to play the show..”
Jake – “Yeah, we opened up the right email.”
Mike – “We got asked to play the show by the promoter of the Marquis, we played a show on what was it? July 13th? At Summit Music Hall”
Zach – “It was very good luck!”


*interruption with homeless man asking for change*

Jake – “Well, I have 100 pennies..a pocket full of pennies if you’d like that?”
Cody – “As the bassist of Calling Out West, here’s a dollar!”
Jake – “Are you sure you don’t want some pennies?”
Max – “Those are practically worthless.”
Zach – “Ok, next question.”


Do you feel like it’s more of a competition or like a “teamwork type advantage” with all of the local bands in the Denver scene?

Jake – “Team work! Or at least that’s how it should be!
A lot of bands DO view it like a business competition but I don’t know, you’re playing with the same bands over and over again so there should be a good-positive relationship as apposed to like bringing other bands down.
You all are playing together and like the same bands so just have a good relationship with everybody, its definitely more of a teamwork effort!”


Do you guys have any big plans for the rest of the year?

Jake – “The tour.”

Mike – “The tour is the big thing, we’re currently working with a producer named Lance Dickinson, he’s worked with the Fray on their live album at Red Rocks, he’s worked with Sarah McLachlan – a bunch of really big name artists. It’s going to be something good.

We’ll probably be doing a second video while we’re out in California with the same photographer that did our last one.”


What’s your guys’ favorite part about performing?

Mike, Jake & Cody – “Crowd attraction.”

Cody – “When they start singing along it’s the best thing, it makes me really happy!”

Jake – “Yeah, pretty much. I think tonight pretty much summed up what we were here for. We’re playing for a crowd where 2/3s are people that don’t usually see us, but we get a really good reaction from everybody and just see everyone have a good time!”


Anything else to say to fans or new potential fans?

Max – “Well Doyle rules.”

Cody – “Thank you everybody for supporting us! We had a great time along the way and and can’t wait for all the times we’re gonna have”


And lastly, since we’re from Honest Reviews Corner, what’s your “HONEST REVIEW” on flamingos?

Jake – “FLAMINGOS. They’re a little too pink for my taste.”
Max – “I really like it when people put them in their front yards.”
Cody – “They remind me of Jake’s legs!”
Max – “I have a flamingo in my house..but I lost the legs to it, so now it’s just sitting in a the hole that the umbrella would go in..but I don’t have an there’s just a flamingo lying there.”
Zach – “I love flamingos! They’re the best! Second favorite bird to penguins!”
Ben – “This answer is really long.”
Zach – “They said they wanted an honest answer.”
Mike – “Yeah, this is pretty honest.”


Calling Out West released their music video for “These Chemical Mixes” recently, you can check that out here:

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