Interview with the Band of the Month: Honor Society

Honor Society is a fun-loving group of guys from Los Angeles, CA. Their lineup consists of Mike Bruno (lead vocals/guitar), Jason Rosen (Keys/guitar/vocals), Andrew Lee (Bass), and Alexander Noyes on drums. They have toured with awesome bands like Action Item, Allstar Weekend, Jonas Brothers and Timbaland. They are coming out with a new cd in the next couple months so keep your eye out for that!

Allstar Weekend is known for doing a lot of pranks on their tours. Any good ones happen yet?

“Not yet. Typically there are a lot of unwritten rules of tours and I feel like pranks are saved for the last night of tour where everyone has a little idea that it could happen but it makes people be creative to come up with something good.”


“I will say it looks like they have a devious look in their eye all the time. I feel like they might pop out from one of these walls at any time.”

You have a lot of great references in your new song ‘Serendipity’. Do you have a favorite lyric from the song?

“I really like where we say “Like Kim to Kanye the Jay to her Beyonce”. I think thats pretty cool. It’s actually serendipitous that their names would rhyme. It’s four people that are incredibly huge pop culture icons. We tweeted Kim from our band account in hopes that she would take a listen to the song, so spread the word.”

“I also like where it talks about missed connections on craigslist. So in part of Cragslist, if people are out at a bar or something and they see a girl but don’t get a chance to get her number, they can go on Craigslist under missed connections hoping that she would post something or they can post something looking for her. People actually find each other that way.”

“No, you would have a 1% chance of finding someone that way.”

Do you watch any TV shows on the road?

“We do more movies on the road. We just had a Paul Rudd-athon. We had a ridiculously long drive from Phoenix to Denver it was about 16 hours so we watched: “Anchor Man”, “I love You Man”, “Knocked Up”, “Role Models”, and “Office Space”.”

“Before we left on tour we were getting into ‘Newsroom’ that new HBO show. We like a lot of the cable series like ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Dexter’.”

Have you seen ‘Breaking Bad’?

“The night before I left for tour I watched the first 2 episodes of the first season and I cannot wait to watch more.”

How is this tour different from the other tours that you’ve been on?

“It’s not too different. Our fans are showing up and supporting us which is always awesome. We are with a bunch of great bands that are pushing us musically and performance wise. It’s just fun to hang out with everyone. Everyone is musically different enough where it’s interesting every night. In the dressing room and backstage and when we are just traveling, everyone is cool with each other and it’s been a good vibe going around.”

You guys have a new EP coming out. Can you tell us about it?

“It’s all new music. It’s going to come out around September/early October. We love it and are really excited about it. The music is taking a major two steps in a direction that we’ve been wanting to go. We’ve been taking baby steps before that. We really put the time and attention into every detail of it. We worked with a really awesome producer named Mike Mangini. He really pushed to get the best out of us and I really think it’s our best record yet.

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