Corey Hager Releases EP: 'I Like It That Way'


[rating =4]

Corey Hager, a singer-songwriter from Ripley, West Virginia has released his EP “I Like It That Way”. Hager combines a folk-country sound with a pop type feel, combined with his strikingly unique voice. The three songs on this EP are gauranteed to make any girl swoon. With lyrics full of romance and sweet nothings, Hager is sure to sweep girls off their feet. The opening track, “Babydoll” is a refeshingly corny song. As Hager croons, “If I googled silly, if I googled cute the first thing that would pop up is that I’d see you,” you can’t help but smile. The scond song on the EP, “I Wanna Make Love” is my favorite on the EP. This romantic and vulnerable song serves as a reminder that chivalry is not dead and that it can be sung about without making the listner gag. The EP closes with the title track, “I Like It That Way” which is a perfect blend of the first two songs; equally as adorable and romantic as the first two songs but with it’s own twist. In every song, behind Hager’s sultry singing lies excellent guitar and drums to hold the song together. Out of 6 stars I would give this album a 4. There isn’t a single bad song on the EP and for his first release, this EP is excellent.






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