'Bachelor Pad' Season 3 Episode 6 Recap/Review

Last week, Blakeley and Tony started up a relationship, and with a twist in the voting, Erica Rose and Michael left.

My favourites have been Michael and Kalon, but now that Michael is gone I’m down to Kalon only. Hopefully we get more of him because Michael is gone?

Initial Thoughts:

Rachel is devastated that Michael is gone because she was falling in love with him. From now on, everybody competes as couples — competing as couples, voting as couples, leaving as couples. This creates some new drama as to how to get certain people home. Rachel and Nick are now partnered together, as they were the only two without partners after this rose ceremony. Everybody thinks that Nick and Rachel aren’t going to last, but without the emotions that every other couple has it could work better. Unless everybody targets them.

The Competition:

This week, we get to see how awful all the contestants are at spelling. They get into a yellow school bus and show up at an auditorium for a spelling bee. Everybody immediately freaks out about how awful they are at spelling. How is everybody so bad at this? Kalon is the only person reasonably unconcerned but he turns out to be just as bad at everybody else. When the judges (some school kids) show up, everybody comments how they look like they just stepped out of Hogwarts, which was so adorable. After going through fourteen rounds where it is down to Jaclyn/Ed and Sarah/Chris, Sarah and Chris succeed and get the roses. Both of the final teams get overnight dates.

The Romantic Dates / In-House Drama:

Chris and Sarah’s overnight date starts immediately after winning the challenge. They are flown out somewhere and they get on a cute little train. Sarah looks like she’ll fall over in her heels, this is an absurd outfit to wear in a field. Apparently Sarah decides that she’s falling for Chris, which is kind of ridiculous, have you seen Chris’ track record? Although they do look incredibly cute together. I didn’t realize that Chris was still hurting from Emily, I didn’t realize that he really was hurt from Emily considering his reactions with this show. If Sarah says ‘Oh my God’ once more… They get into serious conversations over dinner and I love that they’re able to have these kinds of conversations. I really think they’re date is cute.

Back in the house, Rachel is still considering leaving and Jaclyn tries to get her to stay. As Nick tries to convince Rachel to stay, she decides that being away from Michael isn’t worth the money. Can’t she think about how Nick wants the money as well? Clearly not. The conniving starts with Jaclyn mentioning that they want to eliminate Kalon and Lindzi because Lindzi has been less into the strategy then everyone else. I love how Kalon looked at Lindzi during the spelling bee like he was admiring her so much. I love how cute they always look together. They seem really chill, like they’d make it outside of the show.

Last week, Ed told Jaclyn that he didn’t have feelings for her in front of everyone. Jaclyn was really hurt by this, and she’s clearly in love with him, and today we apparently have even more reveals from Ed to add to the hurt. In a plane they get a beautiful tour of the Channel islands. As Jaclyn contemplates how to put herself out there and tell Ed that she likes him, Ed tries to tell Jaclyn that he’s been pursuing somebody at home. This girl and Ed agreed to break up while he was on this show because he was going to hook up with people while on the show. He’s slept with at least two girls on the show, and although he told Sarah about this other girl he hadn’t specifically told Jaclyn expecting that she knew, but I don’t know if that other girl is really going to want to get back together with him afterward. They seem to have an actual, important conversation but then Ed acts a bit douchey, and I just can’t handle Jaclyn not ending the ‘relationship’ with him. Ed just doesn’t want to make the distinction between couple/team/relationship, because he wants to leave space for his girl back home while also getting sex at the house. Jaclyn doesn’t want to look like a whore, and forgetting that she’s on the Bachelor Pad? She doesn’t look like a whore, I feel so bad for her because things with Ed seem to have taken such a bad turn. Ed wants the best of both worlds and she shouldn’t let him get that.

In the house, Tony takes Blakeley on a cute little date in the backyard even though they don’t have a one-on-one date. He keeps saying such cute things. They get into a discussion about her trust issues, but he seems willing to try, so I’d love to see them work out.

After getting back in the house after their date, Jaclyn and Ed are given the opportunity to give roses to a couple. Unable to give the roses to themselves, they need to find the couple most loyal to them. Nick/Rachel make the ploy that Tony/Blakeley are a big threat for the money at the end. Blakeley/Tony don’t trust Chris/Sarah and so they need the assistance. Kalon/Lindzi are nervous because if they don’t get saved they’ll probably get sent home – and they’ll be forever loyal. In the end, they give the rose to Blakeley and Tony, and I’m really happy that they get to stay for another week and progress in their relationship. “Just because we’re not emotional alcoholics, doesn’t mean we don’t want this as much as everybody else” Yes, Kalon… Very true, and I’m happy you’re not an emotional alcoholic yelling and running around the house like a madman, but it means I don’t get to see you very often.

Kalon makes one final play for voting off Nick and Rachel, because he wants to protect Lindzi. Feeling as though he has let her down by not helping her get to the final anymore, he makes the suggestion to Blakeley and Tony that Rachel and Nick aren’t a couple and they don’t need more time together like himself and Lindzi, and all of a sudden everything goes crazy. Nick starts saying things he shouldn’t to Blakeley and Tony, making himself more likely to be voted off while Rachel goes and calls Michael to get comfort during this difficult time. Seriously, it’s ridiculous how much one tiny comment that Kalon made blossomed into this frantic play for who to send home.

Couples Staying:

  1. Chris & Sarah
  2. Tony & Blakeley
  3. Ed & Jaclyn
  4. Nick & Rachel

Final Thoughts:

I always enjoy getting this far into the show, where couples are voting each other off. Just because you want one half of the couple to go/stay doesn’t mean you can immediately chuck them off anymore.

My favourties for this episode was still Kalon (as always), but I like the Tony/Blakeley coupling. For two weeks in a row my favourite men have left, unfortunately this means I will not get to see Kalon anymore, and I have to admit I’m terribly devastated.

Do you like the single or couple voting better? Let me know in the comments below!

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