'Bachelor Pad' Season 3 Episode 4 Recap/Review

Last week, Reid’s plan to eliminate Ed backfired into sending him and Donna home while Rachel went for love rather than strategy when giving away her safety rose.

Michael and Kalon remained as my favourites, with Ed and Rachel moving up in esteem.

The Competition:

Surprising everybody, Chris comes in with information for their next challenge. They all have surveys to fill out that relate “somehow”. Is it really difficult to see where this is going? We get Kalon’s view of what this is: who’s the dumbest, who’s the fattest, who’s the ugliest, and the list goes on… Making every answer either him or Erica Rose. So basically his favourite activity ever — picking apart other people and making himself look better.

This week’s competition is in the form of a gameshow. The first round is love/romance trivia and the second is titled ‘who said that’. The girl and guy with the best scores get roses and dates, while the losers get an extra vote against them at the rose ceremony.

The ladies are up first, with Sarah expecting to win. Upon getting to questions about the Bachelor World (which suitor on Gillian’s season had a foot fetish? answer: Tanner) Sarah took off getting many answers right and gaining a fan base out of Chris. Does he try to piss of Blakeley or does that come naturally?

They tried to pick out some of the fun quotes, so here goes… Can you guess who said which? 1) When asked who had accomplished most in their life, they said Me, I’m amazing.” 2) Other than to win the money, “Ed is on the show because he doesn’t want to be forgotten, as his season was twenty years ago” 3) When asked who had accomplished least in their life, they said “Blakeley” 4) The person in the house who would make the worst parent is “Erica, because she eats her hair” 5) When first seeing the girls in their rhythmic gymnastic outfits, he thought “sexy thoughts” (Answers: Ed, Chris, Nick, Kalon, and Dave). Whenever the quote was bad at least one girl expected it was Kalon, but admittedly I thought he said the first one. Jaclyn got the rose and date for the girls.

Next, it was the mens turn. Michael and Ed are in the running for first place during the love/romance questions, but Ed pulled ahead in the second round. Can you guess who said what? 1) The number of men this woman slept with is “11, wait 12, no 9” 2) The most scandalous place this woman has ever had sex is “on top of a car in a public parking lot” 3) This girl would rather “sleep with Chris than their current partner because ‘he is so hot'” 4) This girl said “Jaclyn is the most fake because she lies and manipulates constantly” 5) Another girl said “Jamie is the most annoying in the house because she hangs over ever guy and spins in circles for no reason” (Blakeley, Sarah, Jamie, Jamie, and Blakeley).

This week is the start of 1on1 dates instead of the 3on1’s because producers want us to actually be intrigued in the dates.

The Romantic Dates / In-House Drama:

Jamie already regrets her comments about Jaclyn immediately going to Michael and Kalon for help. Kalon-watch has already started for this episode, but the winning quote so far is “I’d much rather be the guy to soothe her soul for five more minutes before she’s f*cking executed. I mean, when you put a dog down you pet it’s head right?” Such a great guy, so sweet.

Sarah schemes about having Ed all for herself while Jaclyn gets her date card and ends up choosing Ed for herself instead. Can Sarah please stop obsessing about Ed? He hasn’t even said that he likes Sarah! It was a very cute date even though I dislike Jaclyn. They both seemed to have a good time and they acted really goofy around each other so it seemed natural. When they get to the picnic, there is a rose waiting for them. As Jaclyn took Ed on the date and he also had a rose she gets to give it to another man in the house who will get his own date. At first, Jaclyn wanted to give the rose to Kalon because he’s starting something up with Lindzi. Let me tell you, that would be one of my favourite dates of the season. Unfortunately, Ed wanted to give the rose to Chris instead, so we will get to see a date with him later.

Once Chris has the rose he shocks everybody by choosing Sarah instead of Blakeley (partner) or Jamie (last nights hookup partner). Their date begins with them being driven around and told to buckle their seat belts before they start making their own action movie. They end in a hotel and decide to stay the night. I didn’t realize you were allowed to skip out on the house and stay later. I’m really excited to see his decisions to blow up in his face at the rose ceremony. The parallels the editors of the show create are juxtaposed so well. Jamie excited for Chris to come home cut to Chris and Sarah making out in the pool. Jamie wishing they don’t have too much fun, cut to Chris and Sarah getting a hotel room. I wonder if Ed is still pleased he helped give the rose to Chris instead of Kalon. He doesn’t look pleased. But nor does Kalon, who looks so angry he could murder someone, or is that his normal face? Yeah, everybody else looks angry so I assume he actually is angry as well.

Because Chris didn’t win the challenge, Chris Harrison walks in to give Ed a rose to hand out to save one girl from elimination. Instead of choosing between Blakeley and Jamie, he hands over the rose to Rachel who would have been safe anyway because she is with Michael. At least he isn’t choosing sides and is keeping with his alliance.

Men Staying:

  1. Ed
  2. Chris
  3. Kalon
  4. Michael
  5. Tony
  6. Nick

Women Staying:

  1. Jocelyn
  2. Rachel
  3. Sarah
  4. Lindzi
  5. Erica Rose
  6. Blakeley

Final Thoughts:

This episode was amazing with all of Kalon’s quips and commentary, and did you see his shirt during the game? He looked so cute. The Kalon-love has come to such a high point in this episode. More amazing lines of his:”this place would be so boring without us, thank god for us” and “yes, let’s diminish our numbers.” Am I the only one that finds his vernacular incredibly entertaining to listen to? He seems to be getting noticed more this week and becoming a frontrunner, good for him. I really hope his relationship with Lindzi works out, because he actually talks about her in a good way and I haven’t heard any disrespectful remarks about or towards her. The biggest smile I have ever seen on that girls face when Kalon’s name was called for a rose though…

In the previews for next week it seems as though Kalon/Lindzi and Rachel/Michael have 1on1 dates and both have some proclamations of their love. I’m so excited to see some real Kalon-love as the Kalon and Lindzi romance has been incredibly hush-hush. The Michael and Rachel romance has also been kept under wraps. I guess both of those couples just aren’t as dramatic as Chris’ pairings or Ed and Jaclyn.

Until next time, what did you think of the episode?

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