‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap/Review

Last week we saw some romances forming while others ended in heartbreak and the awful twin fans leaving (yayyy!).

The second week led me to follow through with my favorites of Michael and Kalon from the previous week, and I also liked Chris and Ed this time around. My season favorite seems to be Michael so far. As I’m still on Kalon watch for great one liners let’s see if he comes out with any good ones this week!

Initial Thoughts:

Reid is trying to be so conniving but he isn’t even good at it! Ugh, it just frustrates me that in every episode he says how much he wants to get Ed out because they’re not friends and Ed stole Gillian from him, and then he can’t even successfully do anything about it. I can’t handle Sarah’s stupidity either. Why would you vote out the guy that you like and why would you tell him? Isn’t that rule number one? I would be so disappointed if Ed left.

The Competition:

This week’s competition is an obstacle course made for the partners. ‘Hot Sludge Funday’ is a relay race where the women go for the first lap of the course. After wading through a vat of pink ‘ice cream’, they climb up a rope ladder, go down a slide of ‘hot fudge’ and then crab crawl through ‘whipped cream’. Next, they get in sacks, dump chopped nuts on their head and hop to the end of the course before finding their men who do the reverse of that course. The goal is for the men to eat the cherry at the end of their portion first.

As everybody seems to be laughing about this, Kalon has the biggest look of apprehension on his face. Him? Going through an obstacle course where his clothes (and himself) will get all sticky and messy as he physically exerts himself? Why would he do that? I’m probably being mean, but he looks so completely unimpressed with this entire idea. As a twist right before the competition starts Chris Harrison has all of the men move to the woman directly left of them so the couples are random. Although I thought of all the ways to induce strategy into the game everybody else worries about whether they like their new partner and whether they are capable of winning with them. Jamie is devastated about being with Ed, while Sarah is excited to be with Michael again. The best partnership is definitely Kalon and Erica Rose, the two Houston socialites that dislike each other. If Kalon was displeased before…

The men after finishing the obstacle course

In Kalon’s journal he seems very upbeat about this change in partnership. His amazing line of the episode is derogatory towards Erica Rose: she’ll do well eating her way through the ice cream Pacman style. Ah, isn’t it nice to hear him call someone fat for the billionth time? Jamie was far ahead of the other girls when handing the reins over to Ed before he went from first to last very quickly. Chris’s partner Jocelyn was so far behind it was definitely surprising that he didn’t come in last. Dave and Michael end up finishing so close that the tape needs to be reviewed. Dave and Rachel end up with the win gaining them roses and dates for them + 3.

The Romantic Dates / In-House Drama:

Blakeley’s honor code is absolutely frustrating. How did your choice of taking Dave on a date last week potentially put a target on your back when you already had a rose? It’s not like people would remember that for this week’s rose ceremony. Dave chooses Blakeley, Erica Rose, and Jamie. As Chris said, Blakeley and Jamie have a fight going on, so maybe it wasn’t too wise to bring both of them along. My main thought was why would you take ER on a date? Is she really enticing in any way?

They end up at prom where the girls get to choose from a range of dresses and Dave stands in the middle of ballroom, surrounded by balloons, staring up at where we expect the girls probably are. It’s a bit creepy. He also should probably never dance again because that was pitiful. Blakeley needs to learn how to just relax and be friendly even if she doesn’t like the person she’s around. There is no need for the added drama, especially when you won the argument the first time. Dave doesn’t know what he’s in for tonight. We get a country music prom that I would have thoroughly enjoyed if there were more cowboy boots involved and less horrible dancing. Jamie seems to be the only girl having a fun time with Dave. They get some one-on-one time together where Jamie breaks down about her mum and how she didn’t attend her senior prom. It all gets very emotional for her and Dave looks all weirded out for a little bit until he hands her the rose. I’m pleased because they seem like they could make a cute couple if it weren’t for her Chris obsession. As ER and Blakeley are in the limo heading back to the mansion, ER is trying to console Blakeley until she mentions how cute Dave and Jamie looked. Does she know what console means?

Kalon and Lindzi, so cute…

Back in the house, Reid is paranoid about Ed finding out his plan, but it takes a few days before he catches on. The wild mansion parties they have always start off looking like fun but quickly turn into a hot mess. Sarah is freaking out about Ed’s hookup with Jocelyn (obviously he was wasted) even though his hookup with Sarah was also a drunken one. Sarah’s expectations of something long term with Ed clearly isn’t going to pan out, or didn’t she notice his promiscuous ways? Lindzi and Kalon are once again cuddled up in bed together but they constantly edit away from any contact between them. Clearly they’re having a hookup during the season as well but we’re just not allowed to see it? The only reason I can think of is Kalon has something in his contract against it, but that wouldn’t make any sense for this kind of a show. I realized that we never saw him have any contact with Emily either, but that was more because Emily sent him home before that occurred.

Next up is Rachel’s 3on1 date with Michael, Nick, and Tony. We haven’t seen much out of Tony or Nick so far this season, so it’ll be interesting to see their personalities shine throughout the date. Who wants to bet that Michael gets the rose? They end up in Hollywood at a wax museum pranking fans by pretending to be wax figures as well. Michael keeps acting totally crazy and his ‘puppy love’ with Rachel is the cutest thing. They walk into the ‘Bachelor Experience’ section of the museum where they come face to face with Chris Harrison’s wax figure. Or so they thought until he moved. I feel so bad for Tony, because nobody was saying anything nice about him while Rachel and Michael got rave reviews. Poor guy. Michael ends up with the rose as predicted from the start, but Tony doesn’t have any kind words for Michael or Rachel. Rachel was fooled into giving the rose to Michael when he didn’t need it / Tony wanted it more, and Tony would rather be making out with Rachel then hanging out with ‘Captain Protein Powder.’ I’m so pleased with Nick’s new name, but I didn’t realize that getting a safety rose from the date meant an automatic hookup with the rose giver. Come on Tony, just go back to your son already. We didn’t see much personality from Nick or Tony which was boring.

Rachel has started on a big, long, journal rant about how much she likes Michael but how she’s also really scared. Buck up girl! It’s only the third week and even then it doesn’t mean your whole life will be planned out. After we hear her worries through the journal she also voices them with Michael and I’m really pleased that we’re getting the serious Bachelor(ette) talks in the silly hookup show as well. Serious talks can be so lovely on these kinds of shows, especially when Michael talks about friends turning into crushes and feeling warm fuzzies when kissing a girl. He needs to stop being adorable and making me want him. After looking at other blogs he seems to be one of the most liked men from the series as he is one of the only guys who has always shown a genuinely sweet side without turning nasty. A true good guy is difficult to find but always needed.

In the mansion, Jamie is still under the impression that Chris likes her so she’s keen to continue pursuing him. Although he’s said that he isn’t interested in Jamie, her interest in him has reached such an awkward level. How many times can you end up in tears before you decide that you’re done with somebody? I’ve grown tired of the simple Blakeley/Chris/Jamie drama, but it looks as though next episode will introduce a new girl and lots of added drama into the mix.

Men Staying:

  1. Dave
  2. Michael
  3. Kalon
  4. Chris
  5. Tony
  6. Nick
  7. Ed

Women Staying:

  1. Rachel
  2. Jamie
  3. Erica Rose
  4. Lindzi
  5. Sarah
  6. Jocelyn
  7. Blakeley

Final Thoughts:

With only one fan left I don’t know how long he’ll last. I expect he’ll only be able to stay if he wins challenges, but I’d like to only have the people I really know well on this season.

Why do I feel like Michael is going to end up winning the money again? He headlines the main alliance, and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. That’ll be my prediction for the season.

Favorites this week were Michael and Kalon. Ed was fun this week so he might be another frontrunner. Of the girls I’m starting to really like Rachel but I turned on Chris, he was way too frustrating.

Did anybody else notice the Survivor/Tribal Council-esque moment before Chris Harrison let people start voting? It was a bit strange, but not specifically a bad thing.

What did you think of the episode?

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