Album Review: "All Night Long" by GOLDHOUSE


The hair, the looks, the voice…is it Justin Bieber? No It’s GOLDHOUSE and his new Album “All Night Long”. If you haven’t heard of GOLDHOUSE before, but have heard of Breathe Electric, I am happy to tell you that Grant Harris has re-invented himself with his new electro-pop project GOLDHOUSE. I have been a fan of Grant’s for years now so I am excited to hear the results of his new work.

Within the first 10 seconds of the first song, F-C-K, I was pleasantly surprised. The song was great, had strong vocals, and a beat that forces you to get out of your seat and dance. This super catchy song has it all but the lyrics. I get the induendo, but I just can’t wrap my head around the chorus: “I’ve got the F-C-K , all I need is U”. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

The next song Last One You Love starts off sounding like an Owl City song, but really hits it’s stride in the chorus. It was no shock to me that this song was originally produced as a Breathe Electric song and was re-released for GOLDHOUSE. It definitely has a Cobra Starship vibe to it. Although, Cobra must be sorry they didn’t think of this song first because I can barely stop jamming to this song enough to write this review.

Grant Harris shows us his dirty song in the next track: What If. The suggestive lyrics, beats, and power to make you dance make this song perfect for the dance floor.

I did not like the next track Take Off Your Halo. The chorus was too repetitive for me and I thought at points in the song, the background music overpowered the vocals. This song to a new beat would have worked for me but as it stands, I was not into it.

Dreamin is a softer yet still powerful song. This song just proves the talents and versatility of Grant Harris. He is able to take the topic of young innocent love and put a dance beat too it. The combination of the two is quite hard, but he did it nicely.

I have yet to decide if The Moment is my favorite song off this album or not. Grant slowed this song way down, but keeps the dance beat going. Musically I am not as into this song as the others, but this song has it going on lyrically. I think it really shows what the artist has to offer when their songs are more lyrically powerful than musically.

Talk To Me was the last song on the album and I just didn’t like it. On the surface, nothing was wrong with this song, but at the same time there is nothing special about it. It’s slower and not lyrically challenging.

This album might not be drastically different then Grant’s previous project Breathe Electric, but it is better. You can tell how Grant Harris has matured vocally and as a person throughout this album. I can’t wait to see what GOLDHOUSE comes out with next!

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