William Beckett releases second EP: "Winds Will Change"


The album began with one of my new favorite songs ‘Great Night’. This song proves to be one of those tap your foot, catchy, instantly fallen in love with songs. William Beckett has proven once again, that he is a lyrical genius. The song goes much deeper than just partying all night. It tells the story of going out and having fun rather than songs like ‘Red Solo Cup’ that just emphasis drinking way too.

The next song on the album was entitled ‘Warriors’.It’s a song that I initially didn’t like, but has since grown on me. It’s a heavy song, especially for William Beckett. As I listened on, I found that the title really fit the sound for this song. To me, the heavy bass lines and louder dynamic singing isn’t about being angry or mad, it’s about being a warrior. When I think of a warrior, I think of power, and that is exactly what William Beckett is trying to show us through this song.

We turn the volume down just a bit as we reach the third track: ‘Scarlett (Tokyo)’. This song really didn’t speak to me at all. It’s closer to a pop punk sound than the other tracks have been, but it didn’t leave me wanting more. If I had to rate just this song I would give it a 3.5 out of 6. I’m sure that the more I listen to this EP the more I will love this song. For now, I neither dislike nor like this song.

The album closed out with ‘Dig a Hole’. My first impression of this song is that it would fit perfectly in a movie. It made me think of that part in a romantic movie where the kiss that you’ve been waiting for all movie finally happens, and they flash back through entire  relationship.

Listening to this entire EP, it is starting to be clear to me that William Beckett is exploring everything musically, he is not limiting himself to a genre or type of sound. He wants to create music that means something to him. He is clearly done with the old Academy Is… sound and has moved on, only to try new things. I cannot wait to hear what he comes out with next!

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