‘Wilfred’ Recap: Episode 2.01 – “Letting Go”

After a mind-numbing Season One (and the special preview episode that BLEW MY MIND) I was really excited to see where the new season would take us. Season One’s “special preview” left off with Jenna still with Drew (Chris Klein) and a rocky, unsure relationship between Wilfred and Ryan. Season Two’s premiere episode, “Letting Go” is just that. An episode of letting go, and, attempting, to move on. At the beginning of the episode, Ryan is heading over to Jenna’s house to see Wilfred (who is back and feeling better). The audience immediately sees Wilfred ignore Ryan and run and “shake hands” with Drew, acting as if he doesn’t recognize or want to see Ryan. That might be a bunch of bologna since I feel that the “special preview” episode showed them being nice and friendly, he has to at least recognize Ryan. Jenna tells Ryan that she only was agreeing to marry Drew because she thought she was pregnant (she isn’t). Shocker? No. Wilfred switched her pee in the previous season.

Drew and Wilfred “shake hands.”

Ryan catches Drew and Wilfred playing catch in the yard and Drew confides in them saying how worried he is about him and Jenna and that things are pretty rocky since she found out he has been using steroids. Although I am always one to root for the protagonist, Chris Klein is hilarious in this role. He’s so goofy and such a tool (My favorite scene of his is him beating Ryan at ping pong and freaking out about it). I want him and Jenna to be over, but I don’t want him to be off the show. He’s just awesome. Although I do like his character, I don’t like his relationship with Wilfred so far this season. Drew spent most of his time taking care of Wilfred and Wilfred feels, I assume, obligated to be his “best friend” and wants his acceptance? I don’t dig it at all.

There is a new face on the show this season (she was introduced in the special preview episode). Amanda (Allison Mack) is a co-worker with Ryan and, I hope, a possible love interest. I’ve always thought she was adorable and I love seeing her on this show. She offers to get lunch with Ryan (he declines) and we all know it isn’t just lunch she’s after, she wants more. Now if only Ryan can let go of someone else.

Allison Mack stars as Amanda, a possible love interest for Ryan.

Ryan later catches Jenna upset, packing her car and crying. Ryan makes a bad break-up joke and she admits she just can’t “let him go.” Ryan obviously wants to know more of what happened and goes to find his only source Wilfred. He catches Wilfred taking a jog (trying to get in better shape) and tries to get some information out of him, but Wilfred says no. He doesn’t want to hear about Ryan’s problems anymore and doesn’t want to be his “Dr. Phil” (Wilfred: I’m not Dr. Phil, okay? I’m Dr. Wilfred and I only call myself that when I’m dj-ing). However, Wilfred wants to impress Drew and Ryan agrees to help him train for a competition if he helps him with Jenna. It’s a deal.

They begin their training by hanging out in the basement together watching game footage and Ryan convinces Wilfred that the only way that he can win is to use steroids. Wilfred says he can’t use Drew’s steroids because he only takes illegal drugs (Wilfred: I have a strict policy against taking any drug that’s not illegal. They’re never strong enough). So, Ryan and Wilfred decide to go and try to get some steroids. They run into issues with this sex-crazed drug dealer and Ryan almost has to “shlob this guy’s nob” for the drugs but instead just has to give him a tenderly “hug” (a long and awkward one at that, but nothing short of hilarious). Wilfred gets the steroids just in time for the competition and as Drew is giving him a pep-talk, Ryan and Jenna get a chance to talk. She says that things are better and Ryan tries to convince her that things are only better because she wants them to be, and that she’s tricking herself into thinking things are better. Obviously, Ryan cannot let go of this woman.


Wilfred asks Ryan to help win over Drew.

He runs over to Wilfred and demands the pills to throw them away. He realizes that he would rather lose Wilfred than to hurt him over a girl. FINALLY – he is letting go. Wilfred goes nuts however and tears apart the obstacle course and even pees on it. He is awarded a “participation” award and Drew isn’t impressed. Wilfred finally says he’s done. He doesn’t like Drew anymore. Wilfred wants to make Drew’s life hell. He hands Ryan the bottle of pills and tell him to hide them in Drew’s things so that Jenna will finally kick him out for good. Ryan can have Jenna and everyone can be happy.

But Ryan has asked Amanda out and she has said yes. Wilfred says he’s happy for him, although I’m not so sure that he is happy, and mentions that this relationship is like a relationship he once had with his couch? Oh yeah. It went there and I loved it.

I think that some might consider the special preview episode “Progress”  as the premiere episode, but I would disagree. It’s a lot darker and, honestly, kind of freaky and really explains nothing about the show. I feel it really would confuse those who hadn’t watched it before. “Letting Go” is a lot more viewer friendly, however, and actually follows a plot (while the special premiere was really more of  a dream for Ryan).

Overall, I thought this episode was a great “premiere” episode. Although it was a bit stale at time with the dialogue, it really worked to bring audiences, who were unaware of the characters or the previous season, up-to-date on the happenings of the premiere e show.

Tune in next week for Episode 2, “Dignity,” next Thursday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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  1. I agree that the preview episode of Wilfred was a little bit darker than the show normally is, but I believe it was really helpful in transitioning between seasons. I watched the season premier and was a little lost until I went to Dish Online and watched “progress”. Honestly both episodes were hilarious. I’ve been watching Wilfred since a co-worker at Dish showed me it and I don’t think I will ever get tired of watching a man in a dog suit tell jokes to a mentally unstable person, but that is not the whole show. Ok, well I guess it is, but will never tire of it regardless.

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