The Rocket Summer – Concert Review

Bryce Avary crowd surfing in Denver, CO

The Rocket Summer is NEVER one to disappoint when you see him live. Bryce Avary is one of the most talented performers I have gotten the pleasure to see. His stage presence is incredible, his voice seems flawless live (which is hard to come by) and he interacts with his fans in the most amazing ways; around half way through his set on this tour, he came into the middle of the crowd to perform a couple of songs! Not to mention, he’s a fan of crowd surfing, which makes it really entertaining whenever I go to a show of his.

Every time I’ve gotten the pleasure to see Bryce perform, the crowd always takes to him very well. It seems everyone knows every single word to every single song.
On this tour he showed his talents on every instrument on the stage, not leaving anyone questioning his musical talent by the end of the night.
But not only is he so talented, but he shows that he’s a genuine, stand up dude on the stage. Not many people leave a concert thinking that about the performer, but with him, it’s easy.

If you’ve never gotten the chance to see him live, I highly recommend seeing him the next time he’s in your area. You will never regret going to see the Rocket Summer.

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