'Teen Wolf' Recap Episode 2.10: 'Fury'

This week’s Teen Wolf has once again exceeded expectations, keeping fans on the edge of their seats and raising as many questions as they’re answering, ensuring that even if we don’t get the conclusion of an arc this season, the finale is going to be one to die for.

Bonding with your pet murderer, lesson 1…

The opening scene is a flashback, showing how the Kanima approached Matt and accepted him as its master, way back when Jackson borrowed the camera guy’s camera—and Matt proceeded to immediately sic it on Isaac’s father. But why…?

Scott and Stiles of course know who the Kanima’s master is now, and manage to convince the Sheriff to get them into the station. Luckily, he gets let in despite no longer working there, and the trio find an examine all of the evidence from the Kanima’s murders. They get a positive that Matt was at the hospital when the pregnant woman was smothered, because he ran into mama McCall, who stopped him for tracking mud on the floor.

That means they have shoe prints from him, and they move to match them with the shoe prints at two other murder scenes. It also turns out that Matt bought something from the mechanic’s an hour or so before he was then murdered. Suspicious!

Scott calls his mom to come over and make sure they can get an ID on Matt, and Stiles goes to talk to the front desk lady, but he’s thwarted in that attempt by the fact that she’s dead. When he turns around, we find out why—Matt is behind him, and is holding a gun to him.

Cut to Derek, who gets woken up by the Deaton, the vet, who says that he’d promised Derek’s mother he’d take care of him. And he warns Derek not to give in to the newly revived Peter, which seems pretty obvious, but as we all know, he’s a pretty cunning guy.

Definitely not Scott’s mom (?)

Back to the police station, Matt gets Stiles to lock up the Sheriff and takes the boys back to the evidence room, to have them shred and delete everything in the police records that points to Matt. Then a car pulls up, and Matt takes Scott and Stiles to the door at gunpoint to invite Scott’s mother in except it’s Derek at the door, paralyzed by the Kanima behind him.

Gerard speaks to Allison, baiting her with a letter from her “mother” (right, as if), saying that it will make her completely vengeful towards the entire werewolf pack. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I got the distinct feeling that the letter wasn’t from Victoria—it was a note that Gerard forged to influence Allison.

And if that was his plan, then it definitely worked. She says that she wants Derek dead, and if his pack gets in the way, then they should die, too.

Even Scott.

At the police station, Stiles gets paralyzed for being sassy, tumbling over to join Derek on the floor. And Scott’s mom actually does show up, only for Scott to get shot in front of her. Obviously, she freaks out, because she doesn’t know her son has superhuman healing abilities.

Scott tells Matt to leave, since he’s destroyed all the evidence, but it turns out that he’s not interested in just the evidence. He wants the bestiary they have as well, because he’s seeing some side effects of being the Kanima’s master. As in, becoming the Kanima himself.


Stiles and Derek have bonding time being paralyzed on the floor, discussing what’s happening to Matt and how to escape. He’s turning into the Kanima because he’s killing people who don’t deserve it—aka, people who aren’t murderers.

Matt gets his monologue, explaining why he’s targeting the specific people he is. Once upon a time, he was over at Isaac’s house, and the swim team was there, completely wasted, and one of them throws him into the pool. Of course, Matt can’t swim, and he nearly drowns. Somehow he was saved, however, but the incident gave him nightmares and haunted him ever since. So, years later at the Argent’s funeral, he happens to take a picture of Lahey, which stirs up a vengeance in him. He wished for Lahey to die, and lo and behold—the next day, he was dead. He found out the Kanima was doing this for him, and sent it after all the other people he wanted revenge on.

Then, out of nowhere, Argents come and start shooting up the entire station, because apparently they have no respect for the community and want to take down the building along with the werewolves and giant lizards and the like. They also gas the place.

Cross-species beatdown

Scott runs to save Stiles, and Derek somehow gets over the Kanima’s serum, wolfing out to deal with the threat. Jackson also goes full lizard, and the argents march in with their crossbows and other murderous objects. In other words, it is totally on.

Fight scenes ensue, and Allison gets paralyzed, Matt taking the chance to walk over and continue to creep on her. Luckily, papa Argent saves her—and speaking of papas, Sheriff Stilinski pulls the thing he’s handcuffed out of the wall and breaks free, only in time for Matt to come and knock him out. But then Alpha! Derek ends up having a showdown with the Kanima right in front of mama McCall, so that cat’s out of the bag—especially since Scott shows up to take down the Kanima as well, thoroughly freaking out his mother.

And, right when you thought this episode couldn’t get any worse, it turns out that Scott only joined Derek’s pack under Gerard’s orders. Yes, the Gerard that the entire fandom is 100% sure is evil, and Scott’s been under his authority this whole time. Of course, Derek overhears this conversation, and is no doubt pissed about it.

And, Gerard somehow follows Matt to a river, and in possibly the douchiest move ever, he drowns Matt.Yes, the same Matt who’s had nightmares of drowning for the past five years. Drowns him. To death.

Seriously?! You couldn’t have just shot him?

And you thought you’d never feel bad for the guy.

But, of course, Gerard wiping out the Kanima’s old master makes him the new one, which the Kanima quickly warms up to.

And, for some reason, Peter Hale has been watching from the sidelines this entire time.

I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

Catch the next episode of Teen Wolf on MTV at 8/9c on Monday, August 6th!

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that Gerard is in control.

    In our review, we speculate who might take him out in the finale (our hope is Allison, since she was so clearly duped…with a fake letter no less!) And what is Hale’s role in all of this? And where is Lydia?!

    Loved the line: Stiles gets knocked out for being sassy (LOL – that’s his superpower, Matt!)

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