'Teen Wolf' Recap Episode 2.09: 'Party Guessed'

Tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf was very…well, intense, for one, as the Kanima’s master is finally revealed in a twist that only Stiles saw coming.

Peter feels his argument is best exemplified by worms.

We begin with Lydia, having a nightmare about Peter, and waking up to find that it wasn’t going to end anytime soon, with the remnant of the past alpha issuing instructions to set up something at Lydia’s birthday party, which coincidentally is on the full moon this year.

Chris Argent is cleaning up the alpha bite that his wife sustained, and Gerard comes to say that, of course, they’re going to have to kill mama Argent.

Allison takes Matt home, and they have a cute little talk, and it’s all adorable until Allison finds Matt’s camera, and the pictures that are completely creepy on it. Creepy as in stalker-ish, of Allison in her home. And when Matt comes back to get it, he invites Allison into his house—which she has to vehemently decline, multiple times, before he finally gives up. Our first real hint that something isn’t quite right about this dude.

Also, Derek is chaining his betas up for the full moon, making sure they don’t get out and murder anyone.

Lydia stops by Allison’s house to get her opinions on her birthday plans, and Allison sends her mother away when she tries to have a talk. Which, as the audience knows, she will come to regret.

All this really does is leave us wondering why Stiles has all these people’s numbers.

And, of course, Stiles has his nose in the case that his father got kicked off of, and they find out that all the victims of the Kanima so far were in the same swim team, and the coach was Isaac’s father, which makes him no longer an outlier in the pattern.

Next, everyone shows up at Lydia’s party—as in Allsion, Stiles, and Scott, who decide to get the party going by inviting the Lacrosse team (Scott) and a bunch of drag queens (Stiles…for some reason).

Back to Derek restraining his betas, and it’s not looking fun, him utilizing what looks like some sort of medieval torture device.

Luckily, we have a fun party to distract us. Or, not, because Jackson shows up, which means that things are about to get serious, fast. This is confirmed when a shot of the punch reveals that there’s wolfsbane in the punch. The punch that Lydia is forcing on everyone.

And the Argents, of course, are staging a suicide for their newly bitten Victoria. She chooses to stab herself, and do it on Allison’s bed.

Is this…legal?

Turns out that wolfsbane has hallucinogenic properties, and the residents of the party begin seeing terrifying visions. Allison sees herself becoming a routine Argent; heartless and cold, and Stiles sees his father, who yells at him, and says he blames him for his wife’s death. Scott sees Allison kissing Jackson, who shifts to the Kanima, and that predictably has Scott turning and struggling to keep a hold on himself. Jackson sees his ‘real’ parents appear, and turn around only to be faceless.

Needless to say, none of the trio are having much of a good time anymore, and Lydia slips out of the party, leaving everyone there. Luckily, a girl is there to dunk Stiles in a pool and sober him up so Scott and him can find out what’s going on.

All of Derek’s betas are turning, and end up breaking out of their bonds. Luckily, Isaac finds his ‘anchor’, to keep a hold on the werewolf. His father, before he started abusing Isaac.

May also be fairy dust.

Mama Argent, meanwhile, wants to make sure she leaves a good legacy behind, and is making sure that papa Argent will tell everyone the right story. She doesn’t want people to think she abandoned her family. Her eyes turn right before she goes, though…

Lydia, apparently, had gone to find Derek, and blows a handful of wolfsbane powder into his face, knocking him out.

Back at the party, someone throws Matt into the pool, and he screams and yells that he can’t swim. It’s Jackson, interestingly, who rescues him, right before the cops show up and break up the party. Scott runs out to see…Matt, with the Kanima guarding him protectively.

This episode ends once again with Lydia, dragging Derek back to the Hale house, and setting his arm over the corpse of Peter Hale, who animates in the moonlight, using Derek’s blood to complete his resurrection and crawling out of his grave.

Looks like the big bad is back.

Catch the next episode of Teen Wolf on MTV at 8/9c on Monday, July 30th!

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