'Teen Wolf' Recap Episode 2.08: 'Raving'

Worry not victims of the Viacom price-hike, for I am here to recap this week’s episode of Teen Wolf for you.

Jackson zombies his way to a ticket line in order to get into the party we’ve been hearing about, and of course Scott is there too, keeping an eye on the lizardman. Jackson severely creeps out the ticket seller, though, who decides to beat it, leaving Scott without a ticket.

Stiles being an awesome son.

Stiles talks to his dad about the case—the one involving the Kanima victims, and they figure out a pattern. All of the victims so far were 24, except Isaac’s dad, but Isaac has a dead brother who would have been 24 at the time. They do some digging, and thanks to Stiles’ suggestion, decide that it was because all of the victims had the same Chemistry class in Beacon Hills in ’06—under Mr. Harris.

Moving along, Allison’s father guilts her into revealing what she knows about the Kanima. So now, once again, it’s a race between the wolf pack and the Argents to take care of the big bad, and we all know who we would rather get there first.

On the Pack side of things, Scott and Derek go to talk to the mysterious vet man, Isaac tagging along. The vet says that the Kanima’s fear of water could possibly come from its master, and that’s the way to catch the both of them.

But in order to the Kanima which is going to the secret rave party, Scott and Stiles need tickets to the secret rave party. They try asking around, but Isaac takes the easy way out and just pummels two guys for theirs. Problem solved.


Of course, every episode needs the obligatory Scott/Allison moment, and they meet in an empty classroom to have talkies together. Scott suggests that they pretend to date other people to cover their tracks. They have a little make-out time and it’s kind of sweet, until the camera pans over and holy crap mama Argent is in the window and looks like she’s about to commit murder. Forget the werewolves and Kanima, Victoria Argent is legitimately the most terrifying thing in this show.

Back to their plan to catch the Kanima, the vet gives Scott and Stiles a heavy tranquilizer and some magic mountain dust that apparently only Stiles can use, with the power of imagination.

The Argents, meanwhile, aren’t planning on sticking with something as tame as a tranquilizer. Predictably, they plan to kill it, taking out Jackson with it.

No, don’t cry, Stiles…

But before we start the whole action thing, Teen Wolf decided to throw in something utterly depressing to keep you from getting so comfortable. Papa Stilinski got sacked since his son kept getting into so much trouble, so now he is Sheriff Stilinski no more.

Moment of silence please.

Stiles doesn’t get a lot of time to reflect on that, though, because he goes to help Scott, who almost immediately ditches him because he catches Allison’s scent. Of course, he goes and tells her off, and she retaliates, leaving everyone upset.

Except for, of course, Stiles, who has his own problems to deal with, covering the perimeter with mountain ash—but he runs out 50 feet away from encircling the entire thing. But with some sort of power, he manages to make a small handful stretch the rest of the way around. Mysterious.

Scott assigns the tranq to Isaac to take down Jackson, and he stalks through the party to get him before the Kanima claims another victim, getting Erica to help distract him. But the Kanima snaps out of it and paralyzes them both. Somehow, Isaac manages to get to him anyways, fighting against the venom and taking Jackson down.

She’s a little protective.

Meanwhile, Derek confronts the Argents outside of the warehouse the party’s in, resulting in an epic fight scene.

Also, Scott finally made it out of the party, only to get hit by a car. A car driven by the terrifying mama Argent, who most definitely meant to hit him. He wakes up, and is met with a murder attempt—Victoria Argent is using a vaporizer and wolfsbane to make it seem like Scott died of an asthma attack.

Done with the perimeter, Stiles goes in to help Isaac and Erica with Jackson, who is still under his master’s control.

Obligatory cut to the party in the middle of all this monster stuff, where Allison reports that she can’t find Jackson to the rest of the Argents, and Mr. Harris is spotted at the party. Which makes him the Kanima’s master! Of course!

Except that, Zombie Jackson starts talking—the first sentence uttered is “Us. We’re all here,” when Stiles asks if it’s really Jackson speaking. The last time I checked, ‘we’re all’ was used for parties of three or more, not just a master and its puppet. So is it referring to the Kanima separately, or is something more sinister going on here?

A moment later, we get our confirmation—something more sinister is definitely going on here. Stiles asks who all of the victims murdered (the Kanima only kills murderers, after all), to which Zombie Jackson answers; “Me.”

Well, crap.

The tranqs also seem to be wearing off, as Jackson starts moving around. As in, breaking out of the room to go after its victim after all, who gets a Kanima claw to the throat. So much for that girl.

Stiles, please kindly destroy the coolest thing you’ve done all season.

It’s confirmed that the ash line works when Isaac and Erica can’t cross over it, but Stiles has to break the line to let Derek in to save Scott. He does so, and mama Argent and Derek have a tussle, ending in Scott getting saved.

Papa Stilinski manages to take a look at the crime scene, and it turns out the victim’s name isn’t on the list. Which means it wasn’t the chemistry class—though she was in the yearbook, so the class is still an option.

For some reason, the school’s guidance counselor is having cryptic talks with the vet, and the episode ends with mama Argent revealing that Derek bit her. The bite of an alpha.

So next episode, she’s either going to be a werewolf…or dead.

Catch the next episode of Teen Wolf on MTV at 8/9c on Monday, July 23rd! Unless you have Direct TV, in which case you’re kind of boned.

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