'Teen Wolf' Recap Episode 2.07: 'Restraint'

This week’s episode was ridiculously action-packed, almost to the point of over-saturation—but that can be forgiven because it answers a ton of the questions that fans had (revealing that the majority of our speculation was surprisingly accurate).

The episode starts out with an unfamiliar couple, obviously saddled with hard times. The man goes out to check their generator, and the woman watches through the window while a hooded figure commands what we can all assume is the Kanima to strangle and kill the guy. Well, he didn’t last long. The Kanima makes a dramatic break-in, threatening the woman but stopping short of killing her, noticing her pregnant belly. What’s going on here??

With no explanation, we cut to a shot of Allison, Scott, and Stiles discussing Jackson, figuring out that he’s not aware he’s the Kanima, and deciding that they should probably talk to him about that.

Say what you want about Stiles being ridiculous, but you were all thinking the exact same things.

Shame that, apparently, Jackson’s family decided to take out a restraining order against ‘kidnappers’ Scott and Stiles, which would make the whole discussion thing a little difficult.

The McCall Mother and Stilinski Father chew out their respective children, Scott landing a grounding and the Sheriff obviously too soft-hearted to actually give Stiles more than a talking to.

That was not a euphemism.

Cut to Derek’s pack, where he’s instructing them to get on either Scott or Stiles’ good side and figure out what they know about the Kanima. Then, Scott has a talk with his own ‘pack’, Allison sneaking him the translation of the bestiary section about the Kanima that Lydia so helpfully translated. They decide they need to figure out what happened to Jackson’s parents, and Allison plans to ask Jackson while Scott and Stiles decide to ask Lydia.

Meanwhile, Jackson goes into one of the classrooms and swallows a freaking snake.

But who cares about that, right??? Scott is stuck in a make-up exam, his mother is home and decides to tidy up his room, except she ends up trashing and finds a near-empty pack of condoms. Uh-oh, someone’s in trouble.

Allison creeps after Jackson, and runs into that even creepier Matt kid, who asks her out to a party (that totally has some plot relevance, if the next episode’s preview is anything to go by!). Then she runs into the boy’s locker room, hearing Jackson choking. The shower’s on, yet she seems totally surprised when she looks into said shower and finds Jackson naked. Like, what were you expecting? And, for some reason, Jackson decides he really needs to have a discussion with her that doesn’t involve him putting on clothes, but does involve him being a massive creeper—luckily, Scott has supernatural Allison senses and runs out of his make-up test to save her. Cue epic fight scene resulting in massive damage to the school.

Stiles of course goes after Lydia, whose mouth is sealed. Thankfully, he runs into Erica, who is nice enough to inform him that Jackson’s biological parents are dead. Well.

“Is this a bad time? We can come back later.”

How are they dead? Apparently her mouth is sealed. She does, however, realize that Jackson is the Kanima, and they run into Scott and Jackson having a Battle Royale in the hallway. Predictably, Mr. Harris shows up and gives them all detention, including Matt, the innocent bystander. For plot purposes.

They all pile into the library, where Allison learns that Matt took the information about the Kanima and now knows a little about the monster, if not the significance of the whole thing. Stiles insists that Matt is evil, and Jackson excuses himself to the bathroom, obviously in some sort of pain/discomfort. Mr. Harris leaves after him, and Stiles and Scott talk to Erica about Jackson’s parents, who apparently died in a car crash. One day before Jackson’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s in the bathroom and in one of the creepiest scenes in this show thus far, the snake he swallowed earlier comes out of his eye.

His eye.

Mama McCall shows up at the office to talk to mama Argent, revealing that Scott hasn’t been all that truthful about the whole ‘broken up with Allison’ thing. Predictably, mama Argent calls Scott to the office and interrogates him, though he insists that they are, in fact, broken up.

The most plot-significant bumper sticker in the history of television.

Lydia is having some weird sort of trip or something, walking out of her backyard and ending up in the woods, letting herself in to a strangely familiar house.

Back in the library, Mr. Harris sentences the students to putting books back on the shelves, trapping them there for the evening. But not before we get a shot of the teacher’s car, which sure enough, has the Einstein quote we saw last episode, basically confirming him to be the Kanima’s master. Dun dun dun!

Stiles explains the story of Jackson’s parents to Scott and Allison, adding that Jackson had to be removed from his dead mother’s body. The same Jackson who is across the library having some sort of mental breakdown. Obviously, this means that he’s going Kanima, and he jumps around the library, paralyzing Matt and Erica, then pushing Scott into the defensive before writing—or, being made to write—a message on the board. Then he excuses himself. Through the window.

After that whole debacle, Stiles realizes that Erica is having a seizure, and she insists to be taken to Derek and his abandoned subway car. Derek breaks her arm to activate the healing process, and shows the medical expertise of a medieval doctor by bleeding Erica to get the Kanima’s venom out. Turns out Derek knew Jackson was the Kanima the whole time, but wanted to confirm his theory. Scott, unprompted, says he’ll join Derek’s pack, under the condition that they go after Jackson his way.

Oh, remember that couple from the beginning of the episode? The woman is still alive in the hospital, without child now, and tells mama McCall that the murderer wasn’t human. Then, apparently having outlived her usefulness, the hooded stranger shows up and smothers her to death.

Speaking of that oddly familiar house in the woods, creeper boy seems to be in it, and barters a kiss out of Lydia, which gets a little out of hand when Lydia realizes that she’s hallucinating, and she’s wandered into the Hale house.

Bascially, Lydia’s life kind of sucks.

Creepy boy turns into even creepier Peter Hale, who sits down and has a talk with Lydia, despite being pretty dead. Apparently, Lydia is his backup plan, though it’s a mystery how, as the camera just pans down to where Peter’s dead body in lying under the house.

It’s really a debate as to whether this episode presented more questions than it answered or not.

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