'Suits' 2.04 Discovery Recap

This week Suits returns with episode 4 titled ‘Discovery’, only we don’t understand why until the last few minutes of the episode. The episode begins with Louis walking into Daniel’s office to do what he does best- kissing butt. Louis offers his services to Daniel for their upcoming insurance case, but Daniel insists Louis send him Mike Ross. Louis lies to him and tells him Mike has been working with him for the past couple weeks on a lawsuit against a food company. Louis goes to Harvey to cash in on the bet they made last season. Louis wants Mike for two weeks. Harvey declines. Donna gives Harvey his mail while Mike is waiting in his office. Harvey opens the letter and someone is re-opening a case he won four years prior, stating there was new evidence. Meanwhile Mike is teasing Harvey about his taste in music. Due to his lip, Harvey takes him to Louis as punishment.

Harvey goes to speak with Tanner, the new senior partner at Smith & Dube. They’re suing Harvey and Pearson Hardman for fraud. There is a document stating there was a problem and Harvey had never seen it before. Harvey takes this to Jessica, who wants him to make it go away before Daniel finds out. Louis is sitting at Mike’s desk inquiring about the past due work, and he laid some ground rules for Mike if he’s going to be working for him. Harvey takes this document to Donna and wants to know if she had ever seen it before. She tells him she’s never seen it before. Harvey asks her to go through every last document in that case file and make sure it isn’t in there. He wants her to do this without anyone knowing. After a few hours working for Louis, Mike begs Harvey to take him back. He explains he can’t because working with both himself and Louis was too risky.

Harvey goes to the airport to meet Lawrence Kemp. Lawrence was accompanied by his new general council. They WERE going to keep Harvey on retainer for the duration of the trial, but Harvey told him to man up and go ahead with a clean break. Lawrence fired Pearson Hardman. Harvey calls Mike and tells him he needs for him to go through EVERY file on the case for him while he’s working for Louis. Jessica calls Harvey and he tells her he has good news and bad news. The bad news is they were fired. The good news is that everything they find after this point is not covered under attorney/client privilege. Donna and Mike are both in the file room looking through the files and Harold comes to the door, so Donna messes up her hair and Mike’s tie and tells him they need “just a minute”. Louis and Mike have their meeting and Louis buries the man in paperwork and tells him they’re going to trial.

Daniel walks into Harvey’s office with a peace offering- he wants Harvey to work with him on the insurance case. Mike enters as Daniel is leaving. He has the address for a Sarah who they believe to have written the ‘fraud’ document. Harvey goes to talk to Sarah and she recognizes him. She got very angry and told him that he corrected the problem from reoccurring, but he never went back to fix the already produced vehicles. She sent him away after telling him she never put it in writing and that she did not write that document. Tanner is waiting at Harvey’s car to threaten to report him to the bar for fraud. Louis and Mike are interrogating the food man, and he convinces him to tell the truth. After they leave, Mike tells Louis how awesome he was and he did a really great job. Louis tells Mike he can get the subpoena to him the next afternoon as opposed to the morning because he’s earned it. LOUIS. I need to interject here to tell you how much I loved Louis in this instance. Too bad he screws it all up.


Harvey is waiting for Lawrence at his car to tell him he needs to make things right on his own or he will. Louis and Mike run into Daniel where they learn the food place is filing bankruptcy so Mike comes up with another plan. Mike joins Lousi in his office and they start talking about why Louis isn’t Mike’s favorite person. Mike explains to him that he can’t just forget all the times that Louis tried to burn him. Louis asked what Harvey was keeping from him. He said his “spider parts” were tingling. LOL. Louis came into Harvey’s office and asked him straight what was going on. Harvey shooed him away and kept on with his business. Louis left his recorder in Harvey’s office. Harvey meets Tanner and tells him he thinks he wrote that document. Tanner begins to tell Harvey that he knows about the times at the DA’s office when he buried evidence. Louis is listening to the recording when Daniel walks into his office. Daniel asks Louis if there is anything he needs to tell him. Louis told Daniel everything. We know this when Harvey and Jessica are trying to talk when Daniel busts into the room screaming. Daniel is very angry they didn’t tell him but he proposes they work together. Mike tries to mess with Lousi, not knowing he heard everything, and Louis tells him that he will never forget. Harvey asks Mike what happened with Louis. Harvey seems entirely too calm about the situation but is determined to wipe the floor with Tanner. The last scene of this episode is Donna in the file room. She found the document in the case file. Not only was it not supposed to be there, but it has Donna’s signature on it.


Oh my gosh! This was a great episode but I have a feeling next week is going to be insane! Especially since Diane Neal will be guest starring. She’s always a great lawyer. See you guys next week!

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