Salute to Supernatural: A must-attend for fans!

‘Supernatural’ first aired in 2005, and has managed to survive seven years of ups and downs to get renewed for an 8th season, and many more to come judging by the general enthusiasm of the fans. But if you’re considering going to this convention, you probably know that already. What you might not know is what “Salute to Supernatural” conventions are like in general.

“Salute to Supernatural” in Dallas on September 21-23rd, is going to have, of course, panels, autographs, and photo ops with cast members, nine of which are (as of now) attending the convention; Chad Lindberg (Ash) and Gabriel Tigerman (Andy) on Friday, Sebastian Roché (Balthazar), Matt Cohen (young John), Richard Speight, Jr. (Gabriel), Mark Sheppard (Crowley), and Misha Collins (Cas) on Saturday, and of course Jared and Jensen on Sunday (along with Richard, who’s hanging around an extra day.)

But, obviously, those are things you’d expect from a convention. But Salute to Supernatural Dallas is hosting a karaoke party this year. Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen are decking out in 60’s attire and inviting everyone at the convention to join them. And who knows who else will show up? There’s also—less notably, but still cool—a costume contest and a fan music video contest, which will no doubt be fun even if you aren’t inclined to participate.

Creation Entertainment also has a long-standing reputation of keeping the guests and attendees happy, ensuring a rewarding experience for everyone there.

Prices are somewhat steep, but if you act now you can nab a weekend package for $109, and remember, if you buy a ticket, you’re promised a seat in the main theater, where the biggest events are held. No waiting in line for hours!

For more information about Salute to Supernatural, Dallas, you can go to the website right here, and check out ticket prices, hotel information, and whatever else you want to find out.

I hope to see you there!

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