My Girl Friday "American Kids" Album Review


Going into this album, I knew two things about My Girl Friday: 1) They love country music 2) They used to be a punk-pop band.

The first song on this cd Rolling Stone was quite a shock to me. The punk-pop sound of My Girl friday has left the building. All we are left with is gentle country music. Seems like quite a change to me!

The next song American Kids was of course another country song. This one was more upbeat and had hints of their past punk-rock sound.

Home With You reminded me of the Maine’s Black and White album. I’m not a country girl, but this song did work for me. It was a nice break from the pure country songs.

We return to the country music in the next song Live Forever. This song was fun, catchy, and had clever sexual innuendoes. The verses have the country sound, but the chorus goes back to their punk-pop sound. This song was a good compromise of where they have been musically and where they are going.

If you didn’t know this was a country CD yet, you do now. The next song Down By The Water just screams country with the harmonicas and banjos. But I do have to admit, it is a fun song, and I did catch myself singing along.

The album came to an end with Love Will Find You. It’s a slower song, and I just didn’t like anything about it. It sounds like they were just trying too hard to be country.

Being a fan of My Girl Friday’s older albums, this just wasn’t the CD for me. I’m not a fan of country music, but I would reccomend this album to listeners who like country as well as pop music. To me it sounded like a pop-country hybrid. As much as I miss the sound of the older My Girl Friday songs, I am happy that this band is begining to live out their dream as a country band.

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