Interview with Hello Highway

 Hello Highway is a solo piano-rock act created by Daniel Sumstine. Sumstine recently toured with Paradise Fears on their Sanctuary Mini Tour doing acoustic sets each night. He is getting ready to release he new single Hope In Tomorrow on July 10th. Hello Highway has made a splash in the pop-rock music scene in the past few months and is ready to settle in and make a name for himself. He hopes to release his first album by the end of the year! Check out his Hello Highway EP on iTunes.

What song of yours holds the most meaning to you?

“Break Free definitely holds a special place to me. I wrote it because I was so over my every day routine, and wanted to follow my passion for playing music. I’m so thankful that people are actually giving me that opportunity now.”

 How did you choose the name Hello Highway?

“I chose Hello Highway because it represents never letting distance or anything of that sort hold you back from what you love doing. Also because my last name is pretty hard to pronounce.”

 Do you want to stay a solo act or would you like to form a full band one day?

“I love playing shows with a full band! This last tour I did with Paradise Fears I played acoustically, but these new songs are going to require having a full band.”

Do you think being unsigned is an advantage or a disadvantage in the music industry?

“I think they both have their advantages and disadvantages. It really depends on what you truly want to do with your music. I am currently doing everything unsigned because I believe hard work and a constant relationship with your fans is a better route for artists right now.”

What are some things you are looking forward to this year?

“Well, I am finally releasing my new album this summer! I am beyond excited to share new songs and hopefully do some more tours! I’ve put a lot into these songs and am ready for whatever and wherever they will take us.”

When you aren’t making music, what do you like to do for fun?

“I love spending time with friends and family while I’m not doing music. Living next to the beach is always something I try not to take for granted and I play basketball a lot to stay in shape!”

 What inspired you to start playing music?

“I’ve always just had a passion for music and those who write it. I can remember going to see a band called The Starting Line at a local venue and just thinking “Yup, this is what I want to do with my life.” My aunt was also a big inspiration to me and supported this dream I have.”

 What was your favorite part of the Sanctuary mini tour?

“Hearing people in the crowd sing my songs with me. Playing acoustically can be kinda intimidating, but everyone made me feel very welcome and it was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had as an artist.”

What is your favorite part of living room tours?

“Living room shows are so much fun! You really get to know the people who have been supporting your music and I think it’s very humbling to spend time with them/hear their stories. Plus playing music and eating food are like two of my favorite things in the world.”

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

“Just thank you so much for all that you do for me as an artist. I am nothing without the Hello Highway family and I hope you all are as excited as I am for new music! I love you all very much.”


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