Flashback Friday: Angel, Spike, Riley or Xander? Whose team were you on?

Our last Flashback Friday was centered around the wonderful show, “Felicity.” This week I decided to center on a personal favorite of mine, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and it’s main heroine, Buffy. I decided to just write about Buffy’s many love interests this week with the possibility of covering more couples later down the road. Now to begin.

Throughout the show, Buffy has had many love interests from the short-lived Scott to the forever love of Angel. Throughout the Whedonverse, there have been many arguments on who was better for Buffy: Angel, Spike, Riley and even mention of a possible love connection with Xander. I’ve decided to break down who I feel was better for Buffy.

Riley Finn

I never saw the point of this relationship. I felt that Riley was just the buffer between Angel and Spike for Buffy. Granted, there was always a few great sex scenes and even the episode, “Where the Wild Things Are” where all they did was have sex entire time. Riley was also very cute, but he was very bland. Buffy is the kind of woman that needs a powerful partner to help her battle the minions of the darkness and Riley, well he just has a gun and a few muscles. Season Four bored the crap out of me (perhaps it was the withdrawal from Angel leaving) but the main reason why Riley falls at the bottom of my list is his lack of character. Boring.

Xander Harris

This might get me a little heat from the fans of the show since there was no actual relationship between the characters. (Sarah and Nicholas did mention to Joss about having a relationship between them for the show but were turned down). I, personally, am sad that the relationship never happened. Xander stuck with Buffy from the beginning and loved her through all her battles. He helped her slay demons and vampires while playing the funny, guy-next-door-role that we all loved. Throughout the show, I was always rooting for him despite the fact the Joss friend-zoned him from the beginning.


The reason why Spike falls to the number two slot is the fact that the only reason he was able to control his demon-self was to be implanted with a chip from the Initiative. If that had never happened, I doubt there would not have been a relationship between them. Now, moving on, the things I like most about Buffy and Spike being together is the passion and the loyalty. Spike sticks with Buffy and vice versa against all odds. I love his brute honesty and how he changes so much throughout the seasons from mean and nasty to committed and loving. Plus, the sex is HOT.


There is no reason I should have to explain why Angel has hit the number one spot on my list. Buffy and Angel, together, are the pinnacle of perfection, a forever love. As the only vampire to have a soul, he is the only one to feel true love. But true love, for him, comes with a price. Angel would sacrifice everything he could ever want to keep Buffy safe and happy. He leaves her to give her a chance at a real, physical relationship and he turns back into a vampire in “I Will Remember You” so that he can help her continue fighting evil as an immortal. I may have cried my eyes out watching him leave and watching her forget their time together, but I knew he was doing it out of love.

I was Team Angel. Whose team were you on? Vote for your favorites in the poll below and leave some comments on whose team you are!!!

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