Band of the Week: Break the Silence

Genre: Acoustic/Pop

Location: SF Bay Area, CA


Bio: Break the Silence began as an acoustic duo consisting of Aaron Cone (Vocals) and Matt Papasan (Vocals/guitar). They played many local acoustic shows, but they eventually decided that they needed to have a full band to go where they wanted to go. So they added Cameron Klein (Drums), Alex Wechter (Bass) and Jeff Bahns (Piano). Now being complete with a full band they are able to release new music, play more shows and have shot two music videos for their EP “First & Foremost”.

Why they are the band of the week: When I listen to new music I listen for originality and a sound that is fresh and new. I think Break the Silence has got it all. They don’t sound like any other band, their lyrics are creative and well thought out, and they are definitely extremely talented musicians.

Check out their music:

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