'Bachelor Pad' Season 3 Episode 1 Recap/Review

The day after the eighth season of The Bachelorette finished (with Jef Holm getting engaged to Emily Maynard), the third season of Bachelor Pad commences with three men from Emily’s season amongst the competitors. So let’s start by going over who I’m most excited for.

Lindzi, from Ben’s season of The Bachelor. Chris said he wanted to pursue her, and I’m not sure how she feels about it, but I expect there will be some drama there as he’s supposedly going to be a player. She was one of my favourite girls from Ben’s season because she seemed very genuine and friendly.

Blakeley, also from Ben’s season. She’s one of the oldest women in the house, at 34, and on her season she wasn’t friends with any of the girls, so this should be interesting to watch. What will make it even more interesting is that she believes Joselyn is one of her best friends from the show, yet Joselyn really despises her. This should add to some interesting drama. Before meeting everybody in the house so far, I can’t say that I dislike her yet.

Erica Rose is back for more on the Pad, she claims to be a law student, but she’s really just a Houston socialite that mixes with the other Houston socialite on the show — Kalon. After she went to the tabloids calling Kalon the next American Psycho, she definitely isn’t going to be friends with him on the show.

Jaclyn from Ben’s season hates Blakeley, directly opposing what Blakeley thinks about their relationship. As a self-proclaimed mean girl, you can expect lots of drama between her and Blakeley (as well as everyone else) because of her no nonsense attitude.

Brittany and Erica are the twin fans. They play as one person on the game portion, and if one goes on a date the other tags along. Brittany is boy-crazy and very promiscuous while Erica claims to much more conservative. We shall see about that…during their video blog she said that she would sleep with anybody on the show if it would benefit their strategy. They sound so stupid, I doubt they would even be able to spell strategy let alone come up with one.

Another fan, Paige seems to be smart and and serious in her more conservative notions. Although she is very star-struck, I hope she gets over that quickly and is able to progress in the game and find love or money.

After a recent send off from Emily’s season of the Bachelorette, heartbroken Chris plans drown his sorrows in as many women as he can — at least, that’s what the promos lead us to believe. He immediately says that he wants to pursue Lindzi, and as she said that he’s cute we shall see what happens. I’m not sure if she really wants to get involved with a player though.

As the villain on Emily’s season, Kalon returns immediately to stir up drama. I’m expecting big things from him, but there are lots of people on this season that bring the drama, so he may not create as much as I’m expecting. I know that I’m supporting him this season though. It normally ends up where I support a lot of guys and not many girls (honestly, the crying and screaming gets exhausting really fast) but I definitely like watching the male drama.

Michael is by far my favourite man of the season. From Jillian’s season of the Bachelorette, he later fell in love with Holly from a different season of the Bachelor. During the second season of Bachelor Pad he tried to win Holly back as she fell in love with Blake instead. He won half the money (sharing it with teammate Holly), and is back for this third season with the goal of finding love. He is my favourite person of the entire season, as he is so entertaining and funny and sweet and attractive. Expect at least one exclamation of love of him each episode. I hope he does find love, and that he does continue until the end. I wouldn’t mind if he won twice.

Initial Thoughts:

The first person to pull up in the limo is Chris B. Immediately afterward, Lindzi shows up and thinks Chris is cute. Lets see some romance! When Ed shows up he is wearing such an ugly jacket. Why would anybody allow you on TV with that? It’s so much worse than Ames pink pants. Ed is such an awful person, he really. He isn’t even a lovable bad guy.

Chris Harrison seems like he is already disliking the idea of adding twins into the mix. Why would you want to have them in the show? The twins are the dumbest people ever. They are so frustrating to listen to, I just want to shut off the TV and go read instead. Am I as stupid as them for watching this show? Hopefully not!

Michael is so horrified by everything that everyone is doing. Ed is naked in the pool, there are twins, and it’s just such a disaster. Even Chris Harrison was shocked. I’m so pleased with Michael though, I’m excited to see him throughout the season and his commentary is so accurate and entertaining. I love him so much.

The Competition:

There are hearts floating in the air that everybody has to get inside and try to stay inside for as long as possible. The complication? Every few minutes they keep getting tilted more forcing the people to fall out. The first couple to fall out of hearts get one vote against them each, so that’s a reason to stay in longer. Chris immediately starts slipping, but Erica and Nick fall first which gives them a vote against each. David and Brittany end up winning the competition. The fan team got immunity, and they’re my least favorite team. That’s really unfortunate. They are so immature, and they really need to leave. Everybody else wants them out, so I guess it was useful for them to get the roses.

The Romantic Date/Drama in the House:

As the fans go on their amazing date, I’m so not interested in this. All they’re doing is talking about how exciting it is that they’re doing what other bachelor(ette)s have done. Why can’t they have fun without comparing to other dates. “I feel like we should pull a Courtney” really? Second night of the show, and there is skinny dipping.

Blakeley is already threatening to punch Chris in the throat if he breaks her trust, and then he immediately goes off with Jamie to chat. They start kissing, and I guess she’s no longer as weird when it comes to kissing somebody? Blakeley is already crying and saying the money isn’t worth it, and then we see a clip of her smiling after Chris gets frustrated with her and storms off. I don’t understand all the mixed emotions but she is definitely frustrating.

Paige is so cute, she likes Reid and he likes her and he’s fighting for her, but all of the guys want to get rid of her. I love that Reid is going up to every single guy asking if they’ll vote out Erica Rose instead. I really hope Paige stays just to continue her relationship with Reid.

Men Staying:

  1. David
  2. Chris
  3. Ed
  4. Reid
  5. Michael
  6. Kalon
  7. Ryan
  8. Tony
  9. Nick

Women Staying:

  1. Brittany / Erica
  2. Lindzi
  3. Sarah
  4. Rachel
  5. Jacklyn
  6. Jamie
  7. Blakeley
  8. Donna
  9. Erica

More Comments:

I’m sad that Paige left, but I didn’t really know her so it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

I think that Donna might quietly slip through the cracks of the fan/alumni thing and may stay longer than all the other fans. Hopefully, she’s the only one that wasn’t annoying out of the fans.

Lastly, why are they all talking about these fans like this? The fans are no different then you. You aren’t even celebrities or famous! You were only publicly dumped on ABC. How is that significant? Why would these so-called ‘fans’ want to sniff your underwear? They got on this show the exact same way that you did: you applied online after seeing the commercial when watching the show (so you were probably a fan too) and they chose you out of all the other American’s who applied. Get over yourselves.

My favorite guys are Michael and Kalon (drama!) and my favorite girls are…I don’t know. I’ll have to give it a little more before I can decide.

Wait for my recap/review next Monday!

What did you think of the episode?

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