'Awkward' Recap Episode 2.01 "Resolutions"


When we last saw Jenna she had told Matty that it was too little  too late because she was now with Jake. After a great night at winter formal and good night kiss from Jake which was interrupted by the house alarm ( great mood killer) she set out to find the code. But what she found was a lot worse. She had discovered that her Mom wrote her carefrontation letter. And the award for mother of the year goes to (insert trumpet fanfare) : Lacey Hamiliton. Ladies and gentlemen I was beyond shocked and I think the fans of this show would join me in “WTF?”. How could any mother write a letter like that to their daughter? And with that burning question we dive into Season two.

Starting off the season on Christmas eve Jenna has yet to tell her mom that what she found out but she keeps herself distracted with Jake. And who wouldn’t want to? The choice between confronting her mom or making out with a cutie like Jake was pretty clear. While typing on her blog a chime of a notification made itself heard. Jakes Christmas present to Jenna had reared its head. He wanted to DTR( define the relationship) online which is a big deal. But she wasn’t ready to. “Would Jake accept her knowing her mom couldn’t?” was the question that popped into her mind.

While sitting around the Christmas tree opening presents her parents decide to give their last two gifts to her. Her moms gift a diamond necklace with a card that said “Jenna this is who you are”. She said she didn’t want Jenna to forget how precious she was and she wouldn’t. She had written it in black and white. Now her dads gift was what no father should ever give his daughter. No matter how much he thinks its the right thing to do. Pulling back the paper Jenna revealed a box of condoms.

Fast forward to new years eve with Jenna trying to figure out what to wear while talking to Tamara on the phone. She still hadn’t told Tamara that her mom wrote the letter. In fact she hadn’t told anyone. She didn’t want people jumping to conclusions about her mom before she had a chance to figure out how she felt about her mom. While telling her blog how she had gone from “that girl who tried to kill herself” to “that girl that had a date on new years” a ping reared its unsuspecting head. A comment had appeared by anonymous telling her to shake it off what’s left to resolve? And so another question comes into play was there anything left to resolve?

The party which is hosted by none other than Matty, who Jenna hadn’t seen or talked to since she told him it was too late. After a weird hug-fist bump- high five with Matty, Jenna had to ask her friends if it was one of them who commented on her blog. But both Ming and Tamara had confirmed it wasn’t them. In search of a drink she runs into Lissa who has seen the error of her ways and like a good Christian girl has asked Jenna for fogivness. Seeing this happen in a corner of the room was Sadie who Lissa had dumped as her friend the night of the winter formal. Sadie blames it on the fact that Lissa has gone mental and says she has forgiven her. But Lissa doesn’t want Sadie back.

Still in search of a drink Jenna over hears Matty ask Jake if he and Jenna are a couple and before she can hear his answer her phone rings. While answering a phone call from her inconsolable guidence counselor who got stood up by her NYE date Jake tells Matty that Jenna hasn’t confirmed his relationship request. And with that Matty walks away with smug yet confident smile. Knowing Jenna hasn’t confirmed has Matty thinking she might still be into him.

While helping Matty with drinks out in what I suspect is the garage Jenna takes the opportunity to apologize about the dance and hopes that she and Matty can be friends and get closure. But Matty tells her he wants another chance. He told her she wouldn’t be here with Matty if she wasn’t over him. And she hadn’t forgotten about Matty but she wasn’t ready to forgive him either. He tells her to meet him in the garage at midnight and that he tells her not to worry about Jake. That he would understand once he knows. Knows what you might ask, that Jenna was with Matty first.

While stepping out get some fresh air,  Jenna runs into Val the guidence counslor. While helping Val with her problem Jenna realizes that she cant let her past hold her back. And in a slow mo countdown of the last ten seconds Jenna has a decision to make : ring in the new year with her new flame or her old one? In one part of the countdown there’s Matty in his garage waiting for Jenna with a dark figure waiting in the doorway . In the other Jake looking at his watch waiting for Jenna. So who did she ultimately choose to spend it with? JAKE!

But what about the dark figure waiting in the doorway? It was Sadie. Finding him sad about losing Jenna to Jake he asks her how can he watch from the sidelines. She tells him that she has liked him for awhile and has been watching from the sidelines. And like the total skitch she is tells that she wont help him get over her now that he has gotten the bitter taste of rejection and with that he kisses her which turns into full on tonsil hockey. During mid makeout he falls asleep on her. So close and yet so far away.

Meanwhile back at the party Jenna tells Jake she has decided not to make any resolutions and let the year surprise her. After taking Jenna home Jake notices the condoms under the tree. She explains in subtle way that she isn’t a virgin which takes Jake back by surprise. She tells that if it makes him feel better she was in love with the guy she used them with. Which doesn’t make him feel better. He asks her if she is fully in the relationship and with a click of the mouse she and Jake had DTR and were now in a relationship.

At the end of the episode Jenna gives her mom a letter written on the inside what her mom wrote on her Christmas gift card ” this is what you are” Needless to say her mom was shocked and so ends another epsiode with many questions. What was Jenna going to do now that she had confronted her mom? Even though her and Jake had made their relationship public for the world to see was she still in love with Matty?

All questions will be answered in the next episode which airs Thursday at 10:30/9:30c on MTV.


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