Artist of the Week: Hyro Da Hero

Genre: Rap/Rock/Hip Hop/Gangsta Rock

Location: Houston, TX/ Los Angeles, CA


Bio: Hyro Da Hero combines rock ‘n’ roll with rap music like no one else. Hyro has been releasing his own mix tapes since 2007, and recently released his debut album Birth, School, Work, Death. His hit song off the album  “Sleeping Giants” is currently getting lots of radio time! Hryo is currently performing on the Vans Warped Tour so check him out in concert if you have the chance!

Why he is the artist of the week: Hyro Da Hero is talented in so many different ways. He has created a new sound that sets him apart from his fellow musicians. He wants to rap in his own way and won’t let anyone get between him and his music.

Check him out on Warped Tour: Dates Here

Check out his music: 

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