Artist of the Week: Abby Bernstein

Genre: Singer/Songwriter – Pop

Location: New York City, NY


Bio: Abby Bernstein is a very talented singer/songwriter from New York City. She recently had the honor of going on tour with The Barenaked Ladies, as their opening act. In addition to this success, her music has been featured on HBO’s hit show ‘Girls’, as well as other TV networks like MTV, VH1, Logos and ABC. Her music is best described as quirky pop.

Why she is the artist of the week: Since a very young age Abby has been involved with music. She went to Barnard College and was the chosen vocalist for Grammy award-winning producer/trumpeter Don Sickler’s Columbia University Jazz Ensemble. She’s talented, energetic, and very passionate about the music she makes. She also has a never give up attitude that we love so much.

Check out her music:

[soundcloud url=””]


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