TV’s Top 10 Hottest Men

It takes a variety of colorful characters to draw us into a TV series and make it interesting.  All the characters play a part in making the show a success and we love them all, but there’s nothing like some sexy, masculine eye-candy in a favorite TV series to make us sit up and take notice.  Handsome, charming, and talented actors who play extraordinary roles can easily add some extra spice to any series.  It was hard to choose but here’s our list of top 10 hottest men on TV:


Jackson – ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

 He belongs to a family of renowned and respected surgeons, but Jackson Avery refuses to fly on the wings of his family’s reputation.  He’s a true gentlemen, a good friend, and a gifted doctor who prefers to climb the career ladder on his own merit.


Steve – ‘Shameless’

He’s ditched his privileged background and gone rogue, clocking up a rap sheet a mile long.  He may have a love for adventure and cheap thrills and doesn’t hesitate to flaunt his money, but he’s handsome, a hopeless romantic, and madly in love with one woman.


Michael – ‘Nikita’

He’s a rogue agent with a tortured past, handles a gun with impressive ease, and has an underlying quest for revenge and justice, but handsome Michael Samuelle is fiercely protective of his recruits and his loved ones.


David – ‘Once Upon a Time’

 From a coma patient to Prince Charming, handsome David Nolan has proved that fairytales, a little magic, and happy endings are still a firm favorite.


Neal – ‘White Collar’

This white-collar criminal has formed an odd alliance with the FBI – his freedom from prison in exchange for assisting the bureau to catch other white-collar criminals.  With all sorts of unlawful expertise to his name and the ability to whip out the charm and lies on a whim, Neal is one charming, sophisticated, and sexy thief.


Sam – ‘Rookie Blue’

There’s something to be said about a man in a uniform.  Training Officer, Sam Swarek is streetwise, smart, lives by his instincts, and doesn’t always like to follow the rules.


Nate – ‘Gossip Girl’

He lives in a world of fierce competition, back stabbing, and vicious gossip, but handsome Nate Archibald – with his boy-next-door looks, quiet confidence, and gentle charm – always tries to keep his integrity and work ethics in tact.


 Alcide – ‘True Blood’

Tall, dark, and handsome.  Add green eyes, tussled black hair, swoon-worthy dialogue, brooding, and mysterious – and we have sexy Alcide the werewolf.


Joel – ‘Saving Hope’

We’re only three episodes in, but fans already love Hope Zion Hospital’s latest Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Joel Goran.  With the knack for making hospital scrubs look sexy, combined with his cocky attitude, mischievous smile, and overabundance of confidence, this doctor is on everyone’s radar.


Damon – ‘The Vampire Diaries’

A sexy vampire with a bad-boy image, known for his fierce loyalty to those he loves.  With his expressive eyes, facial expressions, and hilarious witty one-liners, Damon is one handsome, entertaining character to watch.








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  1. Pretty good list, for the most part. But Daniel Gilles is WILDLY over rated!! And no Alex O’Loughlin?! COME ON!!

    Ah well, at least you put my first choice, Ben Bass, pretty high on the list.

  2. It really is too bad Yannick Bisson isn’t on this list, though!!!!!

    He is the star of Murdoch Mysteries & definitely hot! Not to mention he’s a great guy, which makes him doubly hot, in my opinion.

  3. BEN BASS Ben Bass bEn BaSs He’s just yummy & I do believe like a fine wine he is getting even better with age =)

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