'Suits' Episode 2.02 "The Choice" Recap

This episode starts off with Mike and Jessica in the elevator together. Mike doesn’t know what to say, so of course he rambles. Just when we thought it couldn’t get more awkward the elevator door opens and Jessica exits to see construction for Daniel Hardman’s new office. Construction that she did not approve. In this instance we see Louis very confused. He asks Jessica once and for all who technically he works for. Jessica tells him he works for her, but her and Hardman are on the same page. Mike is trying to talk to Rachel but Louis keeps interrupting because he wants to see Mike in his office. While Rachel is leaving, Mike grabs her and kisses her in the hallway!

In Harvey’s office, Jessica suggests their taking the offensive since Daniel has it out for her job. Jessica wants Harvey to take their biggest bankruptcy lawyer out for lunch to get him on their side. At Donna’s desk, Louis is trying to bribe her with Edward Helby play tickets in exchange for information regarding the divide of Pearson and Hardman. Meanwhile, Mike is talking to Rachel about the kiss when Rachel doesn’t look very excited. That’s when Mike reveals to her that he broke up with Jenny because he has feelings for another girl. Rachel then agrees to go on a date with him! Harvey takes Paul to lunch to try to talk him into being on Jessica’s side. After the lunch is unsuccessful, Harvey and Mike go to the construction site to talk to the client about declaring bankruptcy. He wont do it to protect his family name.

Donna shows up in Louis’ office- as a favor to Harvey. They need the bank to extend a loan of a quarter million dollars and Louis is the banking man. In exchange, Louis wants ONE detail about the Pearson Hardman divide, and Donna has to agree to go to the play with him. Mike and Harvey talk to the banker, but no luck. She explains how it’s not 2007 anymore and you can’t just handout loans like that now. Mike and Rachel are in the library trying to set some ground rules about their relationship quiet at the office, when Louis interrupts talking to Rachel like she is a dog. Harvey enters his office to see Paul standing there. He is not pleased with the way Harvey has handled it so far. He lets Harvey know that he isn’t Harvey’s client, and he needs to get him to file bankruptcy immediately.

Mike realizes that there are six other buildings surrounding Madison Twenty Five and they are all backed by the same bank. This seems fishy so Mike and Harvey pay the bank one more visit. As it turns out, The bank was trying to foreclose on it so they could get a prime piece of real estate for their new bank headquarters for dirt cheap. Louis speaks to a man at Executive Solutions to help him get better job offers. Mike and Rachel’s date ends with Mike insisting they “do things right” after she brought up them going home together. He immediately regrets this decision. Mike shows up at Harvey’s house to tell him he is going to tell Rachel everything because it’s not fair to her. Harvey gives Mike an ultimatum, either he breaks up with her or he’s done at Pearson Hardman. The next morning Jessica shows up to let Harvey know he’s a dick, and he needs to get over his ego and tell the client there is nothing else they can do except file bankruptcy.

Rachel is gossiping to Donna about how amazing her night with Mike was. Donna pulls Mike into Harvey’s office to give him the 411 on what Harvey did for him. Mike asks if he’ll even be able to work with Rachel if he has to end things. Donna assures him the feelings just “go away eventually”. In the meantime, Daniel Hardman gets Louis an expensive gift to win him over. Harvey and Mike go to meet the client, and Harvey tells him he does NOT need to file bankruptcy because the bank agreed to extend the loan. Harvey meets Jessica on the roof later and she explains to him how she feels betrayed. She also is still angry about Mike. Mike breaks up with Rachel, not because he wants to, but because he has to. Rachel believes its because he thinks she’s not good enough for him. Jessica shows up to talk to Louis since they were interrupted earlier. Louis assures her that he is no longer in need of her service. Harvey approaches Mike to make sure he dumped Rachel. Mike is still very angry. Mike leaves the room only to see Rachel waiting by the elevator. The last scene is Harvey pushing in Jessica’s tea cart to her office, letting her know she is not alone in this.


GOODNESS. This episode blew me away! Here are some afterthoughts:

*Why doesn’t Mike have a car yet?

*Who was the woman with Harvey?

*Why did Donna and Harvey break up, and when will they get back together?

*Will Jessica stop hating Mike?

See you next week!

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