'Pretty Little Liars': "Blood is the New Black" Episode 3.02 Recap

Seeing as how I’m still trying to get my groove in how I write these recaps, I’m going to change it up a bit for this ‘Pretty Little Liars’ recap and talk about some of some of the big events of the episode that stuck out to me.

The first thing I really liked in this episode were all of the awesome one-liners! My two favorites were “Bitch crazy!” and “Don’t look at me! I’m ready to hang a sign! Bitch can SEE!” I had to rewind the episode multiple times for the second one! PLL definitely brings out the one-liners at the best times! The second one came right at the end of the episode after the girls found out that Jenna could see. It was a dramatic in how the girls found out and the one-liner brought the drama down a bit.

The scene that brought about my favorite one-liner was the revelation to the girls that Jenna was not blind anymore. Earlier in the episode, Aria found an envelope in her locker that contained a single earring that Aria and Alison had found in Aria’s dads office that they thought belonged to Meredith, the girl he was having an affair with, which Aria then put it in Alison’s coffin when she was buried. When Aria found out that the earring, however, did NOT belong to Meredith, she knew something was up. As the girls started getting suspicious of Jenna and they wanted to test both her sight and the earring on her, they left the earring by the sink faucet in the bathroom and watched as she picked it up, pulled down her sunglasses, clearly looked at the earring, flabbergasted, and left the bathroom in a hurry. Did Alison plant the earring in Mr. Montgomery’s office? Was SHE in his office?? Or is the earring part of something else much deeper than just Mr. Montgomery’s affair?

Emily’s fugue state she experienced is still playing a major factor in her day-to-day life. While taking a make-up test that she missed in April (which, by the way, isn’t it now supposed to be September-ish? How could she just now be making that up? She should have had to do that before the school year ended) she saw another girl in there fixing her hair which brought up short visions of that “night that never happened.” She was also able to see her kidnappers face: Jenna. How is this all going to affect her? Will it make her stronger and want to fight back more? Or will it scare her to the point where she is too afraid to do anything? We already saw how creeped out she got just from that little bit while taking the test causing her to not finish.

Lastly, and although this happened at the very beginning of the episode, it deserves to be last because I believe it was the most crucial part to the episode. We heard at the end of the premiere that while Mona liked to play with dolls, this person likes to play with body parts. That was definitely shown with the necklace that Emily found in her purse. It said “DEAD GIRLS CAN’T SMILE” and between each word and book-ending the sentence were teeth. Whether they were real teeth or not was never to be known as the necklace was accidentally flushed in a toilet with a sensor (is the restroom the new meeting place for the PLL girls?), but just the possibility that those were Ali’s teeth is disturbing in its own right and not something to be taken lightly.

This season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ just keeps getting deeper and deeper in to who ‘A’ is and brings out more secrets from the girls, and creates even more for the girls to keep. So watch tomorrow night and keep up with the Pretty Little Liars as more secrets are revealed and the stories keep raveling and unraveling.

Check out the promo for the new episode, “Kingdom of the Blind” and come back here for a recap!

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