Forget Me In Vegas EP Review

Forget Me In Vegas, the four piece pop/punk/rock band from New York has released their new EP “Coulda Shoulda”. The five song EP does not have a bad song on it, which is hard to come by these days. The band combines a large electronic influence, which I am normally not a huge fan of, perfectly with the rest of the instruments in the band. Not only is there not a bad song on the EP, but each song brings something different to the EP. My personal favorite on the EP is the track ‘Could’ve* Should’ve*’ which sings of living with regrets. Other stand outs on the EP are the songs ‘You and I’ feat Red Rabbit- a refreshing take on the standard love song- and ‘Destined to Fall’- which is reminiscent of the early All Time Low. Each member of the band is clearly very talented and this EP reflects that talent. In 2010 the band released their first EP “Get Gone, Stay Gone”. “Coulda Shoulda” is like “Get Gone, Stay Gone” times ten. You can tell that two years has given the band more confidence, talent, and drive to make music.

You can download the EP at:

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