Band of the Week: Interview with Jazz Mills from Cowboy and Indian

This southern band is our first country band of the month. They’ve got the tallent, they’ve got the charisma, and they’ve already been featured on the hit TV show ‘Parenthood’! We were able to catch up with Jazz Mills for this interview. To see our full feature click here. 

How did you originally get into music Jazz?

“My mom told me (and she may have been kidding) that I sang before I spoke. I grew up around music my whole life and as far as I can remember Singing was something that I learned to do over time. Just like talking and walking.”

Have did Cowboy and Indian form and how did you guys chose your band name?

“I had a solo show 3 years ago during SXSW, but I can’t play an instrument and didn’t really have much material so I asked Jesse to play it with me. I was randomly dressed in warpaint and braids and he was wearing his cowboy hat so we called ourselves Cowboy and Indian as a joke, but I guess it stuck and over the past two years we have added three more members.”

Favorite song to perform live?

“That is really impossible to answer. It depends entirely on the energy of the crowd. Whatever they are most into is what I like playing the best.”

Favorite show you’ve played so far?

“They are all so different so thats almost impossible to answer too. Small town shows are sometimes the most fun, but I think playing ACL last year was definitely in the top 5.”

Do you enjoy being in a coed band? Perks or disadvantages?

“I don’t really feel like im in a coed band. It’s me and four boys and honestly I never really feel like a girl amongst them. When Stephanie and Phoebe Hunt play with us sometimes I am super stoked to have them there. Having woman around is always very refreshing and uplifting, but I love making music with these guys.”

Which of your songs is the most meaningful to you?

“Cabin- Jesse wrote it for me and him and the fact that we sing it to each other, and we call each other by name during the song always makes it a really emotional experience.”

Who are you musical inspirations?

“So many. My mom, Harry Nilsson, Louise Prima, The Kinks, Creedence Clearwater Revival, old Disney movies, James Taylor.”

Favorite venue to perform at?

“Definitely depends on the crowd. One of my favorites was Belly Up in Aspen.”

If you could collaborate with any musician dead or alive who would it be?

“I want to do a duet with everyone. Currently I have The Tallest Man on Earth in mind.”

What would the theme song to your life be?

“Im going back home- Nina Simone.”

Any future touring plans for Cowboy and Indian?

“Not at the moment, but I know that there is no escaping it. I don’t think we will ever stop.”

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