ATX Festival in Review

Mark Schwann

This past weekend Honest Reviews Corner attended the inaugural ATX Festival in Austin, TX. It was a weekend filled with actors, writers, producers, and musicians. But mostly it was filled with fans. When I say fans I’m including everyone who attended ATX, because we are all fans of television series. It was incredible to see how actors and writers got so excited and invested in shows they  weren’t involved with.

Matt Lauria and wife Michelle Armstrong

There was so much to do at ATX. Panels and screenings with the Parenthood cast, Friday Night Lights Reunions, final goodbyes to One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries discussions, hanging out with the cast of Cougar Town, and even screenings of past, present, and future shows.

James Lafferty
Marshall Allman

While at ATX we attended three panels and two screenings. My favorite panel and screening were the ‘Friday Night Lights’ ones. It was so amazing to see this cast reunited after a few years and to hear how much the show mattered to them too. Watching the FNL finale with the cast and creator was an experience I’ll never forget. My heart burst when the entire crowd yelled “Can’t lose”.

There was something for everyone at the festival, whether you love music, are an actor, or you’re an avid reader, there was the right panel for you! At first glance, the schedule did not seem as jam-packed as we had hoped, but after the festival ended our biggest criticism was that there was little to no free time to grab a bite to eat or relax between panels and screenings. That being said, I’d much rather have to much to do, than nothing to do at all!

My favorite part about ATX wasn’t any one particular screening or panel, it was the experience just being there. The weekend was truly about everyone’s love for television and you could feel it. You could see how much these TV shows affected everyone involved. Whether you’re a fan, actor, writer, or producer this weekend was about you and what you love. Honest Reviews Corner cannot wait until next year’s ATX! We hope you’ll attend too.

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