Artist of the Week: Nathan Ryan

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado


Bio: Nathan Ryan started making YouTube videos in the hopes of becoming an actor. Eventually he decided that music was what he wanted to devote his time to. He traveled with Warped Tour 2011 and is currently on a three week tour. His new album Illuminaughty is set to be released soon and all of his previous albums can be found on iTunes!

Why he is the artist of the week: It seemed only fitting that since three of our music writers are from Colorado, Nathan Ryan be featured on the site. In addition to that Nathan Ryan has over 1,000 likes on Facebook, almost 126,000 followers on Twitter, and has gotten the attention of Brian Dales. It seems that he can do no wrong and we are pleased to feature him as the artist of the week.

Check him out on tour with The Millionaires:

Check out his music:



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