All About "Buried Treasure"

Have you ever wanted to do something that involves going out of your comfort zone and finding a place based solely on numbers and not know where exactly you’re going or what you will find? Geocaching is like that. You’re given coordinates of a “treasure” that is buried or hidden there and when you find that treasure you swap it for something else so the next person has something to search for. There are also some people who geocache but the treasure they find/leave, they leave it as a memento for someone else to just observe and see something that meant a lot to someone else.

“Buried Treasure” was written by Jeff Galfer and stars Anna Douglas (It’s A Miracle, Southern Haunts, and The Logan Show), Gregg Henry (Payback, Hung, Breakout Kings, Glee, 24), Eloise Mumford (The River, Lone Star, Law & Order: SVU, Mercy), Jeff Galfer (Law & Order, Numbers, Guiding Light, The River), Crista Flanagan (ER, The Practice, Curb Your Enthusiasm), and Scott Klace (Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Switch, King of the Hill, Criminal Minds). Behind the scenes, Buried Treasure boasts of crew working on shows from 24 (Leslie Hope), CSI: NY (Jesse Colver), Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Tomas Voth), and many many others.

In a guest post that Jeff Galfer wrote up for Not About the Numbers here, he explained where the idea came from for the movie.

“I wanted to write a movie showing how the story behind a cache could change someone and ultimately alter many people’s lives. Since a cache is merely witnessed, I wondered how deep of an effect a cache could have on that witness. And if the witness accidentally finds the cache, how much of that experience can be attributed to chance and how much to fate?”

With the help of Kickstarter (an online money raising site), Jeff is working on raising funds for the shooting of the movie. Even though the cast and crew are donating their time, and even some resources, there are still many expenses that need to be paid for as outlined on the Kickstarter page. So head over (here) and help to make the project become a reality for Jeff and all the other cast and crew. At this moment, the project is only 40% funded and still needs $14,750 in 8 days to reach their goal. Please help out however you can!

Also, check out some of these interviews with “Buried Treasure” cast and crew!

Leslie Hope
Scott Klace
Gregg Henry
Crista Flanagan

More to come as well so keep checking the site!

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