This Week in Reality TV

Reality TV this week caused a lot of drama. In most episodes of reality shows, the drama happens throughout the episode. Sometime they start off filled with drama, sometimes there’s a twist in the middle. This week it seemed like all the shocking events happened in the last ten minutes of each show.


This week on Survivor Tarzan got voted off. If I was on Survivor, I would partner with Tarzan and one other girl, and get rid of Chelsea or Kim. I would bring Tarzan to the final four with me but no further. I would use him as a pawn to get further in the game. By doing so, I have made a drastic game changing move that puts me as a leader not a follower. In the end, that’s what the jury is usually looking for: strong leaders who have made great moves. I don’t think a single one of the remaining girls can beat Chelsea or Kim. Since they got rid of Tarzan at the end of this past episode, they are now left with five women, who have to figure out where their loyalties lie. I’m interested to see what happens next!

 Amazing Race

I have to say I could not be more happier with who got in first, second, and third place. Before I talk about the winners though, lets get to the drama! I was just as confused and shocked as anyone else when I saw Dave and Rachel accidentally skip a challenge and end up on the finish mat. They were not the chosen team to win and I thought they would place third. In the final episode, every single second counts and now Dave and Rachel had to work extra hard to make up for lost time. They went back to the challenge and passed up Art and J.J who essentially gave up on sledding, they kept their lead on Brendan and Rachel, who could not stop fighting and once again made their way to the finish mat, and won the race!

The Celebrity Apprentice

This was almost my favorite Celebrity Apprentice episode. Almost. Everything was going as usual, Clay was doing a great job, Aubrey was being bossy as usual, no one knew what Arsenio was up to, Lisa Lampanelli was crying, and everyone was ignoring everything Dayana had to say. Dayana was finally fired in the board room and I was thinking that the episode was over and I could go to sleep happy. Boy, was I wrong! After the board room the celebrities who were left in the competition met with two Celebrity Apprentice winners from seasons past: John Rich and Marlee Matlin. I think John Rich was too full of himself when meeting with the celebrities. They need to remember that they were once in that position too, and be open to hearing what the current celebrities had to say. I can honestly say, I have no idea why they came together and decided to fire Lisa Lampanelli. All I can say now is that I might shut off my TV if Arsenio Hall is not the next to be fired. Clay and Aubrey deserve to win, they work very hard in each and every task. Arsenio works hard, yes, but does not leave a lasting impression, and therefore does not deserve to win Celebrity Apprentice.

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