'The Vampire Diaries': Mamma Original – 10 Things a Mother Should Never Say or Do

Esther Mikaelson – an original and powerful witch, a mother of five, and one unstoppable mission – to kill her children.  Not the actions of a loving mother.  Can’t blame Mamma Original for wanting to rid the world of her children they aren’t exactly role model material and well, they are dangerous, selfish vampires.  All five of them.  But she is their mother – and mothers are supposed to love, protect, and nurture their children. Not this one.  Esther has her motives for wanting her children dead and they may or may not be valid ones, but in honor of Mother’s Day today, we’d suggest not following a page out of Mamma Original’s Parenting Book.

Here are a list of things not to do as a mother:

  1. Turn your children into vampires – even if it is to protect them from werewolves.
  2. Perform a spell, use blood as the combining agent to spike the champagne, and then offer it to your children in an attempt to link them as one, making them an easier target to kill.
  3. See it as your duty to kill your children.
  4. Pretend to forgive them and wave a white flag of peace.  Meanwhile, you’re plotting their murders.
  5. Use your son as a sacrificial lamb in one of your freaky rituals.
  6. Tap into the dark stuff to cast an eerie spell on your daughter in order to take over her body.
  7. Stake your daughter in order to switch back to your own body when you’re done with hers.
  8. Call your children “an abomination”.
  9. Refer to your children as “a curse to the earth”.
  10. Create an indestructible weapon along with a powerful hunter to kill your children.

Esther may have a warped sense of how a mother should behave, she may have the best intentions of correcting several wrongs she instilled a thousand years ago, and her reasons for wanting to play clean-up crew with her five offspring may hold some weight, but you have to admit, this is one determined, scary mother!

And thankfully, she’s not mine.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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