'The Secret Circle' 1.21 "Prom" Recap. Flashbacks and Tragedy.

Armstrong Brothers.

Previously on ‘The Secret Circle’, Charles kills everyone, (Nick and Amelia) John Blackwell is Diana’s father, Adam and Melissa located the last crystal, and the ‘witch traitor’ turned out to be none other than Nick Armstrong.

This week our opening scene is the entire circle (plus John) at the abandoned house discussing Nick. Melissa states her case about helping him because that’s what friends do, and Jake SERIOUSLY disagrees. This is a difficult situation because Melissa was his girlfriend. She was there when he died. On the other hand, Jake was his brother. He grew up with him, shared secrets with him, played in the mud with him, and left him during the time he needed him the most. Of course they would butt heads on this matter.

“It’s not Nick.” -Jake

“It’s not that black and white.” -Melissa

“Death? Yeah. It is.” -Jake.

In other news, Diana is still in deep denial about John being her father, and is still extremely reluctant to put any kind of trust into him. She completely blew him off. John tells Cassie (since Diana ran off) that only her and Diana can pinpoint exactly where the last crystal is because the crystals are linked to Balcoin blood.

Cassie is at the school now, making a bloody mess on the floor (literally), when Amelia walks by holding a crystal looking for Elizabeth (Diana’s mother.)

At Diana’s house, Cassie is telling her about seeing Amelia, and is trying to talk Diana into helping her. Diana agrees ONLY if there is no use of dark magic from her end. (Might I note that during this conversation Diana is being EXTREMELY hateful towards Cassie.)

In Jake’s room, Faye is trying to break through and talk to Jake when he decides he’ll use his trusty little letter opener to protect them from Nick. (LOL)

At Diana’s house, there is what seems to be a very touching father/daughter moment between Charles and Diana. He gives her a necklace that was her mothers to wear to prom, and offers her a ride to school.

HOLD YOUR BREATH. This is a scene we don’t see very often. The kids are at school! They are discussing prom night. It’s adorable how when Adam is trying to ask Cassie out he always offers her a ride. He’s so bad at that! Anyway, Adam was interrupted by Faye gloating that she FINALLY gets to go to prom with Jake. They were supposed to go two years ago, but Jake stood her up. Not to mention Cassie seems a teeny bit floored when she finds out about them going together.

After Charles drops Diana off, Dawn sticks her head in the window to have a chat with Charles. We understand at this point he had ulterior motives. He didn’t want to spend quality time with her, he wanted to keep an eye on her! Since he obviously doesn’t think Diana is rude enough to ward off Blackwell on her own. And Cassie for that matter.

Melissa enters the abandoned house, and Nick is there! He told her that he needs a crystal because he’s dying. Melissa reassures him that she just wants to make him better. Then Adam walks in and completely startles Nick. Nick super-punches Melissa over a table.

Meanwhile, John and Dawn are discussing loyalty and where Diana’s lies. Since it lies with Charles, John decides he’s going to use his knowledge (and power) to his advantage to pull Charles and Diana apart.

Before prom, Faye, Jake, Adam, and Melissa are having some drinks when Melissa and Jake start butting heads again on the Nick issue.

While at the same time, Diana and Cassie are fueling up at the coffee shop for the crystal hunt. Diana sees Grant, and Cassie convinces her to go talk to him. Cassie gets a text from Adam saying Melissa has been attacked and they need to meet them at the school ASAP. No love for Diana tonight. She tells Grant he can come over after prom.

Dark Magic Twins

Here is where the really weird stuff begins. Charles gets a phone call, but it’s not for him. It’s the phone conversation between Cassie and Amelia in the pilot about her flat tire. Oddly that was also the last time Cassie spoke to her mother before Charles killed her. We soon find out, John is hiding in the bushes controlling it! John apparently knew that Charles killed Amelia the whole time. Dawn is at the prom trying to call Charles. This is where we figure out that Cassie and Amelia’s phone conversation was playing every time Dawn called! John gives Charles a taste of his own medicine. It was Deja vu. Charles’s faucet started spewing water, and then his stove catches on fire. Interestingly enough, he falls straight on his back and starts choking. But then John stops spelling him and everything looks untouched.

At the prom, Cassie is bloodying up the floor again, but with Diana’s help. At first Cassie didn’t know why it wasn’t working, but then Diana made the connection by grabbing Cassie’s arm. Immediately they are back in 1995. (Oddly enough all of their parents were in high school when they were born). Cassie and Diana see Amelia trying to warn Elizabeth about going to the boat yard. Amelia suggests she take Diana and leave town immediately. Then of course, like mother like daughter, Elizabeth starts whining about how it’s all Amelia’s fault she got pregnant with John’s baby.

In other news, Nick busts in a window and snaps a security guards neck.

Back in 1995, Elizabeth is still blaming Amelia for everything and Amelia is still apologizing for it (sound familiar?) Basically its all Amelia’s fault and SHE knew the best way to protect HER family (which obviously isn’t true, because she died). I’d like to say that it’s 1995! Why does Elizabeth look like she just walked out of the original ‘Footloose’?

While Melissa and Adam are guarding the doors, Melissa starts talking about how they can never be ‘normal’ and having magic is supposed to feel magical. Adam gives her the “It gets better” speech, then they do some magic to lower the lights and turn on music. (Side note: Adam sure is making his way around the ladies in the circle)

Meanwhile Faye and Jake are on the lookout for Nick. Faye starts to reminisce about two years ago, how she waited for him for THREE hours to take her to prom when he never showed up. You could tell that upset Jake, hearing about it now, so he dances with her. Faye decides to kill the mood by talking about Nick. Jake (obviously) blames himself for Nick dying.

Cassie and Diana are still following Amelia in 1995, and she walks into Mr. Conant’s classroom, (Adam’s grandfather!), to return the crystal.  Amelia tells him she has decided to take Cassie and get away from Chance Harbor for good. She tells him Ethan was turning John over to the witch hunters. We learn that John not only impregnated Amelia AND Elizabeth, he also used magic to make the other women conceive at the same time so their children would grow up together and bind the circle. Adam’s grandfather cloaked the crystal and put it in the trophy case behind the gym, so if Amelia needed it, she could return and get it. He asks her what she wanted him to tell Ethan, and she replies “Tell him I don’t love him”. He told her they both knew that was a lie, but she insisted he make him believe it.

They return to present day and Cassie finally realizes John is using them, and then Diana YELLS at Cassie because it’s her fault she brought him into their lives. (Didn’t we just witness Elizabeth and Amelia having this EXACT SAME conversation?) Even after Cassie apologizes (More than once) Diana has no sympathy for what Cassie was feeling, only what she was.

In my opinion, what Diana says in this instance is COMPLETELY unforgivable. After Diana storms out, Cassie lets Melissa and Adam in on what is going on and where the sixth crystal was hidden. One problem: Nick was there. Now it is a race to see who can get to the crystal first. Nick runs into Dawn (literally) and that scared her, especially since it was her idea for Charles to drown him.

Adam gets to it first, (by the way, how did he get a key to their trophy case?) but then Nick BODY SLAMS Adam and steals the crystal.

Diana runs home and finds Charles in the fetal position on the kitchen floor. He starts confessing he had done terrible things, he says Amelia is haunting him. She realizes that Charles killed Amelia. (Can I just say THANK GOODNESS Diana found out. Now I don’t want to hear any kind of ‘My family is better than your family’ crap ever, ever, again.) Grant shows up after Diana runs out into the rain and all she can do is cry. At the same time, John is sneaking out of the bushes.

Jake, Faye, Melissa, Adam, and Cassie follow Nick to a wrecking yard, and thank goodness Jake remembered to bring his letter opener. (LOL). They stumble upon Nick talking to Eben. He wants to trade the crystal for a demon. Cassie thinks she could stop the world from rotating with her dark magic tries to stop Eben, but he throws her (with his demon power) and knocks her unconscious. John shows up to fight Eben, and for some weird reason, Faye stays with John to fight. Jake and Nick are fighting, and Nick is about to kill Jake when Melissa (with the handy dandy letter opener) stabs and kills Nick for good this time (maybe?). They are looking for the crystal, and John walks right by and picks it up. Now they can assemble the crystal scull. Oh and one more thing, EBEN TOOK FAYE.

Blackwell V.S. Eben
  • Why a letter opener?
  • Is Nick really gone for good this time?
  • Are Jake and Faye getting back together?
  • Who’s side is Dawn actually on?

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