'Supernatural' Recap Episode 7.22: "There Will be Blood."

Well, I’ll be the first to admit my bias (Castiel. My bias is Castiel.), but to be honest I didn’t find “There Will be Blood” terribly captivating. Bits and pieces were good–the alpha vampire’s return, for one, is something we’ve been excited about, and he didn’t disappoint. But as much as there were funny quotes and awesome characters, the story fit together shakily, at best.

Part of the disappointment may have come from the fact that however long before this episode was aired, we got a tweeted photo of the script, with the caption, “Oh yes, there will be blood,” or something to that effect. So naturally, the fans thought, “Oh! Conflict!” something story-changing and possibly fandom-splitting.

But no, this episode is literally about blood. The Winchesters need some special creatures’ blood in order to make their magic Leviathan-killing weapon. That’s it.

As a side character on Supernatural, this is about as good as your situation can get.

The episode starts with Richard Roman on TV, revealing to us that he’s been pumping his mind-controlling Leviathan gray goop stuff into any food that contains high fructose corn syrup. And as we all know, that stuff is in everything. He’s well on his way to turning America into the perfect cattle farm.

Oh, and he’s got Kevin Tran, too–a small condolence, because at least that means he’s not dead. Roman pretends to play nice, but reveals he’s got Kevin’s mother tied up off-site, ready to kill her with a word. So, the prophet has no choice but to reveal to Roman what the “Word of God” says, starting the whole episode rolling. Now both the Winchesters and the Leviathans know what the anti-monster concoction is, so it’s a race to the finish.

Bobby’s ghost is exhibiting some warning signs, though–freezing mirrors, cracking them because his emotions are getting out of line…it’s not a good sign, but they have to get over it and get going. They need, according to Bobby, Crowley’s blood and the blood of an Alpha monster (a monster that all the other monsters of that type come from).

We interrupt your regularly scheduled clever comments for CROWLEY!!

So, firsts things first, they summon Crowley. But he’s not willing to give up his juice just yet, because apparently there are all sorts of nasty spells you can do with a vial of blood, and the Winchesters aren’t exactly known for keeping their paws on the powerful things that come into their possession. (The Colt, Ruby’s knife. Sure, they have them now, but after losing them how many times?) The King of Hell says he’ll give his blood after they get the other two vials.

Of course, Crowley doesn’t know that Cas is still alive (thank Heavens), so he’s doubtful that they’ll be able to get the angel blood (the only vial they already have), but he knows, perhaps, where they can find the alpha they need, since according to him, the alpha vampire survived his little monster torture camp. And instead of writing the location down, he burns it into the table. Flair for theatrics, I suppose.

Meanwhile, the most heart-breaking moment in the episode–the brothers stop at a gas station for road food, only to realize that the corn syrup brainwashing has already started. The Winchesters can’t eat hardly anything in the store, since, I mean, really, what in a gas station doesn’t have corn syrup in it?

So, the longest running pairing in the show (Dean/Food), is broken up.

Moment of silence, please.

In any case, they make it to the house Crowley had indicated, only to find a table covered in dead vampires, and a hidden room where a girl is being kept as food for the alpha, according to her story. She also reveals that the vampires died because they fed off humans, Sam quickly making the connection to the corn syrup.

The girl agrees to help the Winchesters find the alpha, but meanwhile, a Leviathan shows up and absorbs the alpha’s location out of a vampire. Who will make it there first???

Literally the easiest thing in either of the Winchester’s lives ever.

But in order to take down vampires, the Winchesters are going to need dead man’s blood. Or, as Dean realizes, they can just get some blood from one of the syrup stoners that’re everywhere, which works about five times better.

The brothers make it to a monastery, which is crawling with vampire guards, so we’re assuming it’s the right place. But they drop the girl at a motel first to keep her safe, and lock Bobby’s flask in a safe, which confused me at first until I realized that safes are made out of iron, haha, whoops. That actually makes sense.

But, while the Winchesters are gone, we find out that the girl who led them to the monastery is actually not so much a prisoner as the alpha’s adopted child, and calls ‘daddy’ to warn him that the hunters are coming for him–and Bobby possesses a maid to get his flask out of the safe and go after Roman. Which is totally a great idea, it’s not like he’s going vengeful or anything.

Meanwhile, the alpha vampire’s lackeys bring the brothers to talk to him, and Sam attempts to negotiate with him, revealing that the Leviathans (who the alpha was in league with) are attempting to kill off the rest of the monster population, and that they need the alpha’s blood to kill Roman. But, the vampire king doesn’t believe them, and locks them away while he meets with a visiting Leviathan.

Also fairly convenient.

Predictably, the Leviathan’s hubris leads him to reveal the entire plan to the alpha and attack him, but luckily the Winchesters break out and chop the guy’s head off, switching the alpha to their side, however temporarily. With a bit of manly banter about killing each other (“See you next season,” “Looking forward to it.” I see what you did there.), the Winchesters make off with a cup of alpha blood and rescue a little boy, too.

But of course, nothing ends happy, and the brothers get back to their motel to realize that Bobby’s gone. Also, Roman summons and imprisons Crowley to prevent the hunters from getting his blood for the weapon.

“What could possibly go wrong” indeed, Dean.


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