Laura Wiggins is Clementine EP Review

Personally, I’m usually more partial to male voices, girls seem to get too whiney and squeaky for me. Laura Slade Wiggins, however, is neither of those things.

Her first EP, under the artist name Clementine was released in April and has definitely not received the attention it deserves. The four songs on the album are each unique in their own way.

The first song on the EP, titled, “Getting Away With Murder”, instantly shatters any expectations that Wiggins was going to be just another girl singer. For such a happy album cover and voice, this song is very dark. The serious message was surprising in a good way. The last thing the music industry needs is another stereotypical girl singer. The second track, “Stepping Out” opens with very catchy guitar. While listening to the song the cute lyrics and acoustic feel make it hard not to smile. This is the type of song you want to sing in the car on a sunny day with the windows rolled down. The third song, “For All I Care”, has a much more electronic vibe to it. The lyrics scream of bitterness, but in a relatable and funny way. As she lists different ways to kill her ex it’s impossible not to laugh. This song also comes with a nice blend of instruments and a good dance beat. For the final song on the EP, “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone”, all I have to say is; YES. YES. YES. YES. Preach.

The EP is available on iTunes and you should definitely check it out if you’re fans of Taylor Swift or Cady Groves.

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