'Gossip Girl' Season 5 Review/Recap

Anyone else agree with me when I say this season of ‘Gossip Girl’ was crazy? And when I say crazy I mean pretty ridiculous! So many changes, especially with all of the main characters! I’m honestly kind of scared to see what season six brings, what with all the cheating, lying, plotting and scheming that went on this season. Yes, all of that stuff has happened in every season. There just seemed to be more of it this season. It seems like everyone put aside their values (if they really had any in the first place) and friendships to get what they wanted. They don’t care about anyone else anymore, just themselves. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s take a look at what happened this season…

Blair’s wedding.

One of the biggest things that happened was Blair getting married! She always wanted to be a princess, and her dream finally came true. Or did it? Her prince, Louis, suddenly turned into a monster at their wedding reception after he found out that Blair was still in love with Chuck. I for one did not see that coming at all. I always thought of Louis as a really nice guy. So then the fight to get the marriage annulled ensued, and in the middle of that whole mess, Blair and Dan started dating! Anyone else totally caught off guard by that relationship? I mean, yeah they did start kind of hanging out and doing stuff together (or being in the same place at the same time), so there were some signs. But they have always hated each other! I’m still not sure how I feel about them dating. To me, Dan has always belonged to Serena, and Blair to Chuck (excluding season one). Even that relationship didn’t last forever though, as Blair was forced to choose between Chuck and Dan in the finale.

Also this season: the revealing that Charlie Rhodes isn’t really Charlie Rhodes, but rather an actress who was hired by Charlie’s mother to play her so she could get access to her trust fund. Their plan failed when the real Charlie Rhodes showed up, also pretending to be someone else.

Lily almost went to prison as a result of forgery. Oh and let’s not forget that we found out that Serena’s father cheated on her mom with her aunt, meaning that Charlie is her half-sister. Is it just me, or does the Van Der Woodsen/Rhodes family have some series issues?

Fake Charlie Rhodes (left) with the real Charlie Rhodes (right).

The next big change this season was the revealing of Gossip Girl. While we still don’t know exactly who she is, we do know who Gossip Girl was for a few months. Georgina played the role for a few weeks, causing a lot of trouble (like she needs to be Gossip Girl to cause trouble). She then passed it on to Serena, who held the position for most of the rest of the season. Of course Serena was able to keep the fact that she was Gossip Girl hidden for a while, since she’s always been known to hate Gossip Girl and want her destroyed. I think a lot of people will agree with me, though, when I say she went a little too far with her power at times. She used it to keep herself off the radar, but ended up putting other people on it as a result. It ended up taking over her life, and in the end maybe permanently ruined her friendship with Blair.

Another HUGE thing was the return of Chuck’s father! Remember how we all thought he died in a car accident back in season two? It turns out that was all planned and he’s been hiding out for the past three years. Well, it wasn’t entirely planned. The accident really did happen, he just didn’t actually die. Naturally, Chuck was very shocked and felt betrayed when he found out. After his father explained everything, they appeared to make up and planned to become partners in Bass Industries. However, when they made the announcement, out of nowhere Bart said that he will be taking over everything on his own. Needless to say, their getting along was short-lived. Going along with the return of Chuck’s father, we also found out who his real mother is. Or so we thought. That ended up being yet another scheme.

Chuck and his father, who was supposed to be dead.

I honestly feel really bad for Chuck and everything he’s had to deal with. Growing up never knowing who his mother is, thinking he’s found her twice now but finding out it’s not really her, and thinking his father died three years ago just to find out he’s been alive this whole time. No wonder he’s so messed up. I don’t know how he survives with everything he’s had to go through.

All of that being said, I would like to make it clear that I didn’t “hate” this season of Gossip Girl. Yes, there were many things that I didn’t like, such as everyone turning on each other and growing apart. I mean, seriously? You’ve known these people your whole life, and you’re just going to basically sabotage them? You’d think they would have closer/more trusting relationships. But there were, however, some things that I did like. One of those things was the fact that Jenny Humphrey was nowhere to be seen. She was seriously starting to get on my nerves. I also liked that there weren’t really any guys in Serena’s life, romantically speaking. She was more focused on her job, at first anyway. I think this was a good change for her. In past seasons she kept saying that she needed to focus more on herself instead of guys, but she never really did that.

Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta in the season finale.

Oh and I almost forgot, any other Cobra Starship fans out there who noticed singer Gabe Saporta in the season finale?! That was definitely my favorite part of that entire episode, although I wish he had more than one scene. I’m really hoping they bring him back for the next season, even if just for a few episodes.

I’m really curious to see what season six of Gossip Girl brings, what with everyone going their separate ways and everything. It almost felt like a series finale instead of a season finale. I hope they find a way to come together again. Then again, maybe it’s a good thing everyone is going their own way. Maybe a break from each other will be good for them. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what season six brings! I know one thing for sure though; this season has made me very grateful that I didn’t grow up in the upper east side of New York (if that’s what life is really like there). Too much drama for me to handle. I would much rather watch it on TV than experience it in real life.

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  1. The worst in season 5 was Blair and Dan’s relationship. It was so uncomfortable to watch and I wanted to end right away. Besides that there were some big gossips and betrayals, but none of them bothered me as much as that relationship. I also didn’t like Georgina’s return as gossip girl. Did someone ever noticed Georgina gets what she wants very easily? It’s ridiculous! Anyway, season 5 is not my favorite because of that relationship. I’m still watching season 5 and I’m not liking it. Is so unfair, Chuck and Blair have been together since season 1 ! They spent a lot of obstacles together, they grew together. Unfortunately the time for them arrived and Blair became more crazy ( believing in lou) and she decided start something with dan ,

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