Interview with Just Left

Just Left, a band from Chicago, IL has definitely made a name for themselves in the area. This pop-punk band consists of Aaron Hill, Bobby Michael Weglarz, Nick Adelberger, Tim Weglarz, and Tom Nunes. They have opened up for bands like Fall Out Boy, Allstar Weekend, All Time Low, and many many more! Check out our interview with them below.
How did you guys meet each other
“Bob and Timmy knew of each from birth, being brothers and all. Tom and myself (Aaron) happened to attend the same middle school and junior high, to then later be reunitedin high school. Bob, Tim, Tom, and myself (Aaron) all attend Rolling Meadows High School. Despite being years apart we all still find a way to each other. Through music or just running into one another in a class. Nick later entered the band because Bob was managing Nick’s ex-band. Since then the rest is history.”
You have played with lots amazing bands, which has been the coolest for you guys to play with so far
“We have played for a lot of really cool and inspiring bands. It’s always hard to just choose one because we have played with so many. If I had to choose one though I’d have to say Fall Out Boy.”
We are from Chicago as well, do you have a favorite venue to play there
“We loving playing Chicago in general! Chicago has so many great venues to play. As for a favorite it would have to be either the Metro or House of Blues.”
Do you guys have a favorite song to cover?
“Tough question! I honestly don’t have any favorites but we are open to some suggestions on covers???”
What are you working on right now?
“We are currently working on a new record along with hometown shows in Chicago and possibly some out of state tours dates.”
Biggest accomplishment as a band so far?
“Sticking together so long. Its really tough to be a band and continue making music. We love what we do and we love our fans. Our fans are what made us accomplish everything we have. Without them we wouldn’t have been where we are. Such as opening up for big name bands like Fall Out Boy or having our Cd’s sold on Itunes and in stores. Thanks again Guys!!!”
You guys played with Allstar Weekend at the house of Blues, what was that experience like?
“It was an awesome an experience. Great venues, good tour, awesome people to be out on tour with. We have actually been really good friends with Allstar Weekend for a long time. They stayed with Bob for a week at his house a few years ago. Let’s just say they are scary cats. Never watch a scary movie with them. They freak out! HaHaHa.”
If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would it be?
“This is definitely a hard question and I’m sure we would all have a different artist we would choose. Well, since I’m answering the questions in this interview I’ll let you know who I would pick.
I’m a huge 90’s rock guy. I would love to work with the Goo Goo Dolls or Matchbook 20. Great true real artists. Really raw material.”
Check out their music:
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