Contest: Win an autographed Photo by Malese Jow



Our first official giveaway has finally arrived! We are giving away an autographed photo by one of the stars of the Vampire Diaries: Malese Jow!

Here’s how to win:

First: You must be following us on facebook or twitter (both are not required but is a plus :))

Next: Leave a comment below answering the following question: If you could spend one day as a vampire, how would you spend it.

Finally: Leave a comment on our facebook or tweet us on twitter telling us you entered.

Thats all you have to do! We will pick a winner  on May, 8 2012. And yes, we can prove this piece is authentic so don’t worry!


  1. If I were a vampire for a day I’d pull a Katherine and mess around with EVERYBODY! If I were in Mystic Falls I’d do a little something with Damon, test my powers, and drink until I can’t anymore.

  2. sneaking around spying on people since I could move fast enough that they couldn’t see me and compelling people to get all the things I really want for free, like a new house and car!

  3. I would go in a trip around the world (as I can move really fast), visit the most beautiful cities and museums (Klaus style) and I would also steal… I mean ‘borrow’ some souvenirs.

  4. If I could be a vampire for a day…well there are a few places I’d like to see, a few people I’d like to meet, and a few people I’d like to dra…I mean feed on lol.

  5. If I could spend one day as a vampire, I would speed across the country to go see the one person I want to see the most! I would grab a coffee in Italy and breeze by the Eiffel Tower! I would compel everyone to leave the Movie Theatre and enjoy a few movies alone with close friends! I would party all night!!

  6. First I hope I have a lapiz lazuli ring to be able to be in the sunlight… Then I would go and do a d say things I have always wanted to knowing that I could compelled ppl to forget…. Then I would enjoy the wild side of.being a vampire because let’s face it Ian somerhalder’s character Damon makes it look so damn fun!!!

  7. First things First i would go to Ian Somerhalder house and I would compel him to be my boyfriend for 1 day, than we would speed across paris the city of love, and we would shop watch movies and get drunk.

  8. I would spend the day using my special powers and have so much fun! Travel, listen in on private convo’s and find a witch to make as a friend and beg for a daylight ring. 😉

  9. Without a conscience and a daylight ring, I really wouldn’t know. One thing’s for sure, I definitely wouldn’t sparkle. 😉

  10. If I was a vampire for a day i would probably travel around town and just chill. And if i didn’t have a daylight ring i probably just sit at home till the sun goes down then stay up all night, walk around the dark and empty town. Well i’d maybe compel someone just for fun lol. And eavesdrop on random conversations 🙂

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