Band of the Week: Lost In Kostko

Genre: Aggressive Pop-Punk

Location: Santa Clarita, CA


Bio:Formed in 2009, Lost in Kostko consists of Tyler Posey – Vox/Guitar, Alex Gertsch – Drums, Freddy Ramirez – Vox/Guitar, and Jeremy Bauer – Bass. They currently play a lot of shows in their hometown, but cannot wait to share their music with the rest of the world (and we cannot wait until they do!).

Whey they are band of the week: This energetic and talented group of musicians may just become the next big thing. They have the passion, the charisma, and the looks to make it in the music business. They’ve played their local Warped Tour show, but we expect to see them on the full tour in the near future.

Check out their music:

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