ATX Festival: Featuring A Friday Night Lights Reunion

Following a television series is like making a new set of friends. You get to learn about these characters and follow them on a weekly basis. The time you devote to a show and the emotional connection you build with these characters is why we love our favorite TV series.

I attended my first Television based event this year when I went to EyeCon in Atlanta. I was extremely excited to see the cast of ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but what I didn’t know, and didn’t expect, was how many new friends I would make there. When TV fans get together we speak our own language. People I met at EyeCon are people I now talk to on a regular basis, we discuss the shows we are obsessed with, but we also just talk about ourselves.

When I heard about ATX via Kickstarter, I was intrigued. ATX is the first festival of its kind. Its goal is to celebrate old and new television shows. ATX brings together the stars and their fans for discussion panels and screenings. I was excited about a weekend with one of my favorite writers (Julie Plec) and actresses (Arielle Kebbel). What more could this girl want?

More celebrities including Scott Porter, Michael B. Jordan, Matt Lauria, Gaius Charles, Alicia Witt, Jesse Plemons, Dora Madison Burge, and Brad Leland from “Friday Night Lights” are scheduled to appear. If you find yourself saying “Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t lose.” You are NOT alone. When I found out that ATX would be a FNL reunion I knew this was an event I couldn’t miss.

I don’t know what I’m most looking forward to. Seeing these stars who I admire and respect, or the potential for new friendships like those I made at EyeCon.

You can still make plans to attend ATX which takes place on June 2nd and 3rd and purchase badges here.

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