Wishful Thinking – The Ultimate Tour Line-Up


iTunes was on shuffle and these three fantastic bands played back-to-back…to-back. Which brought up a realization that Artist vs Poet (bottom left), Before You Exit (top) and Paradise Fears (bottom right) would make a fantastic line-up for a tour.

This would be greatly beneficial for each band involved, they would all gain fans that they previously wouldn’t reach to until playing live. Each band has that pop-rock feel, but they’re also all unique in the way that they pull that off.
Before You Exit has the most pop-y feel out of them all, especially with their new single “End of the World” but their older material blends more with feel of Paradise Fears.
Paradise Fears has that element of rock shown in songs like “Waste of Time” or “Violet” which would relate more to the feel of Artist vs Poet.
Artist vs Poet is loved for their unique and catchy alternative sound (fans are looking for the new acoustic album Remember This releasing 4/25/12) which is enjoyed by most people within the pop-rock band community.
The audience would get to see a mix of music within their preferred genre!

Fans would truly appreciate the differences that are still held together through their subtle similarities.

I personally have had the joy to see all of these bands live in concert and their stage presence is astounding. They are all comfortable on the stage, with entertaining banter and audience involved songs. Each perform with emotion and passion that just captivates everyone in the venue. Not to mention, the fan bases of each band are crazy fun and so inclined to going to shows that people would most likely come from out of town to see all three. The crowd would be dedicated and into the music, leading to a great concert.

I’m not hinting to a tour or presenting news about an upcoming one, rather, just planting the idea into everybody’s minds 🙂

If you happen to be a fan of one of these bands, check out the others, I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

Tell us your ultimate tour line-up below!


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