Tyler Hilton: The "Reckless" Tour

You know those shows that you will always remember? Tyler Hilton’s shows are like that for me. Complete with jokes, sad memories (RIP OTH!), and lots of enthusiasm, Tyler Hilton keeps your emotions going and keeps you completely invested in his performance.

This tour (named by the guys on the tour) also includes Dion Roy (music found here). For the first few stops, two guys, Will & Dakota, also joined Tyler and Dion on tour. (Their last date, sadly, was 4/20/2012 in Duluth, GA.)

With a set-list mostly made up of songs from his new CD, Tyler shook things up a bit by also playing “Glad” and covering “Missing You”, which are both huge hits with the OTH fans from seasons 2 and 3. The biggest diversion from his usual songs was one just for the Raleigh crowd. Dion, Will, and Dakota joined Tyler on stage for a cover of Wagon Wheel.

Tyler closed out the night with “Prince of Nothing Charming” before fans were calling his name for an encore. His final song, though sad and soulful, was “Hey Jesus”, the perfect way to end the night.

Check out Tyler as he continues touring the states and heads to Europe for his first ever European shows! And keep an eye out as more are being added!

Tyler Hilton Tour Dates

Set List:

  • Kicking My Heels Up
  • Sunset Blvd.
  • Jenny
  • Missing You (Cover)
  • Ask For Me
  • I Belong
  • Glad
  • Ain’t No Foolin’ Me
  • Wagon Wheel (Cover)
  • Loaded Gun
  • Prince of Nothing Charming
  • Hey Jesus


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