Top 5: Survivor Medical Evacuations

It seems like there have been a lot more medical evacuations in the current seasons then in the past. Sometimes I wonder if the game is getting tougher, or if the Survivors are playing harder. This season feels like it just began and already, there have be two evacuations. I know Survivor will never be an injury free zone, but lets take a look at past injuries and hope future Survivors watch out for these mistakes!

Kourtney Moon – Survivor: One World

There are handfuls of reason why Kourtney’s medical evacuation will go down in survivor history. During the very first challenge of survivor, she fell on her arm and injured  it quite badly. The challenge was stopped for medic to have a look, and it was decided right then and there that she needed to get X-ray. Unsure if she was going to have to leave the game or not, she needed to leave the challenge to get looked at. Probst turned to the teams and said they had two options, the men could automatically win the challenge because Kourtney left, or they can finish the competition. The men chose to win and not complete the challenge, because it was the very first challenge and most important to win. Getting back to why this went down in survivor history, never before has a challenge not been completed. Survivor’s have been medically removed from challenges, but never on the very first challenge of the game! At tribal coucil later that night, it was announced that she broke her arm in multiple places and even had to get surgery!  Kourtney didn’t go far in the game but definitely set some records, stay positive Kourtney!

 Russell Swan – Survivor: Samoa

I think Russell’s medical evacuation was one of the scariest medical evacuations survivor has ever had. In the middle of a reward challenge Russell literally just passed out on top of the challenge.He could not speak and his eyes rolled back behind his head. Russell himself did not realize how scary this all was until he saw it all on tv. To emphasize just how bad this medical evacuation was Jeff Turned to his tribe and told the remaining players “In 19 seasons, I’ve never been more afraid in my life about how bad things were. Russell was in terrible shape.” We’re glad Russell is feeling completely better now, and hope for the Survivor’s sake that we never have to see this in a challenge again!

James Clement – Survivor: Fans Vs. Favorites

During the Fans Vs. Favorites season, James got a cut on his finger during one of the challenges. To anyone not living in the wilderness, an cut is no big deal, but on Survivor it can mean the game. One of the biggest problems on Survivor is that they get so many cuts, scrapes, and bruises from living out in nature, that it is hard to make sure that each and every cut and scrape stays clean from infection. James knows this all too well because that little cut on his finger turned into a game costing infection. James is a gravedigger and he needs his hands to work. There is just no way with an infection that bad that he could stay on the island and risk losing his hand, so he was medically removed from the game. The reason why this medical evacuation is so far up the list is because at the next tribal council, James showed up to be on a jury with and IV bag! That just shows how drastic the conditions on the island are. This is a game for a million dollars, it’s not going to be easy.

Colton Cumbie – Survivor: One World

Coltons Medical evacuation just be the first medical evac. to put a smile on the viewers face. Colton, the ultimate Survivor diva, gave no mercy to his tribes mates. If you weren’t with Colton, you were getting attacked by him. He may just have been on of the most verbally abusive player to have ever played the game. After a day of attacking a tribe mate and telling her to jump in the fire, he starting getting very sick. He had extreme stomach pain which would not go away at all. Jeff Probst and the medical team were called immediately to Colton’s side to evaluate him. Turns out, this prima donna , has appendicitis and has go to the hospital immediately! Better luck next time Colton, maybe try being nice to your tribe next time. Karma is a …

 Mike Skupin – Survivor Australian Outback

Not only was this Survivor’s first medical evacuation, but it was also the most emotional one to date. Michael Skupin passed out for a second and fell hands first into the fire. As viewers we hear a loud yell and see Mike running into the water. Lifting his hand out of the water for only a moment to show the damage on his hands  to his tribe, we see just how horrible Mike’s injuries are. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a guy in so much pain before. It took what felt like hours for the medical team to come and save the day! Mike was taken away by a helicopter, leaving his tribe in tears. I was in tears too. If you have seen Australian outback then you know how great of a guy Mike was. He held the leadership position in his tribe in the nicest and most honorable way possible. If you don’t know, Mike is 100% ok now. He was told that his hands would never go back to normal, but he came out with only ` small scar. Guess Karma was on his side!

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