Top 5 Ideas for Season 3 of 'Shameless' (US Series)

Season 2 of ‘Shameless’ was an emotional roller coaster for me, and for the characters that have grown so near and dear to my heart.

From the Gallagher’s working their way through summer vacation, to the most intense Thanksgiving I’ve ever witnessed, ‘Shameless’ did not disappoint.

Your emotional attachment to these well developed characters is as profound as that of a great cinema or literature.

After this hurricane of a season, here are my top 5 ideas for what I would like to see happen in season 3!

Monica is gone forever

I don’t think children should be deprived of their mother, except when that mother causes more harm than good. These poor Gallagher children already have to deal with one messed up parent, they shouldn’t have to deal with another. Monica’s impact on her kids is a horrible. She acts like the child and forces her kids to be the parents to her.

Of course, I blame Frank as well. Neither of these people should have reproduced and in no way should ever reproduce again! Frank should have let Monica stay in the psych ward to get the help she needs. I understand that bipolar is a disease and I don’t blame Monica for being depressed. I actually admired her for voluntarily admitting herself for 90 more days. But, once she escaped the hospital I was glad to see her go and not return home to the Gallagher’s household.

Let’s hope she stays away!

Fiona does something for herself

I love Fiona. Absolutely love her! I think Emmy deserves an award for her performance this season.  Fiona does everything for her family, she is the mother the Gallagher children don’t have. When the kids all came into her room during episode 2.12 for a group hug my heart melted.

I do have a small issue with Fiona. I get that she feels obligated to take care of her family, because her parents don’t. I her respect for taking the responsibility to raise the kids when Frank and Monica didn’t. I even wish that if I were in Fiona’s place, I would have the heart to do the same. I just want Fiona to do something for herself in season 3! It broke me when she didn’t leave with Steve/Jimmy in episode 1.12. She has begun to make some positive choices for herself like getting the GED, but I’d like to see her do something more extreme in season 3 like move out! I want to see Fiona be more than just a mother, because she is capable of so much more. She proved to us and herself that she is extremely intelligent, motivated and hard working. I want to see her be able to use her brain and make something special out of her life, because she deserves it.

Lip gets a full scholarship to college

Lip is one of the smartest teenagers on television! He deserves to go to college. After all the drama that Lip went through this season with Karen and her baby, Lip deserves some good news in his life. I know Lip dropped out of school, because of wanting to help raise what he thought was his baby with Karen. When we found out Karen’s baby wasn’t Lip’s I was appalled. I hate Karen for hurting Lip.

Lip returning to his house at the end of 2.12 brought me such delight. I rejoiced when he opened the door and all his siblings welcomed him back with open arms. Now in season 3, I want Lip to become successful. I don’t want Lip to leave the show, but I would love to see Lip in college! He can come home on the weekends.

V and Kev have a baby….or Ethel returns

At the end of season 1 and during the first few episode of season 2 Kev and V showed us what good parents they are and can be. I would love to see Ethel return. I think Ethel brought a lot of depth to Kev’s character and I loved the scenes they shared! I also really enjoyed watching V fall in love with Ethel. When these two characters opened up their hearts for Ethel and welcomed her into their family I grinned from ear to ear.

I was as heartbroken as V when Ethel left. I felt like my friend had moved. I know V was told she can’t have children, but I would love for the doctor to be wrong. Miracles happen everyday and I think V deserves a miracle. Fingers crossed for a baby V and Kev in season 3!

Karen becomes a nun and changes her life around

Karen needs to change. She has become a character I not only no longer like, but loathe. I know at the end of episode 2.12 she is seen leaving, but I would love for her to come back in season 3 as a completely changed person. I personally had some ideas about why she didn’t want to keep the baby (like she was raped), but since that theory was not proven by the writers, I am forced to assume she is just cruel.
She led Lip on and even after the baby was born continued to treat Lip like complete crap. Karen, when you mess with my family you mess with me, and Lip is my family!
I don’t think that is the last we’ve seen of Karen, and I would love to have her redeemed. I think a great storyline for Karen would be she becomes a devout Christian and joins  a nunnery. Then she won’t have to just prove to me that she’s changed, but she’d have to prove it herself and God!
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