'The Secret Circle' Nick's Return: Is He Back For Good?

Last week’s episode ‘Traitor’ was extremely climactic. I am enjoying this show more and more as it goes on. I’m really hoping for a season two renewal. We’ve barely cracked the surface!

I was extremely thrilled when the ‘witch traitor’ turned out to be Nick, for a bunch of reasons. One was the obvious. He was killed off the show too early. We barely knew anything about him. For a TV show, it was also very sudden. Usually you get foreshadowing, or something, but Nick was there and then he was gone.

I’m very excited to see Jake’s reaction to his brother -whom he thought was dead- being the witch that was giving Eben his power. How will everyone react when they find out? Melissa was deeply in love with him, Charles “killed” him (maybe?) and Jake is his brother. You know Jake had to be feeling really guilty that he wasn’t there for his baby brother during his last days. Why on earth (if he was alive the whole time) didn’t he let AT LEAST Jake know? These are some questions I’m hoping to have answered by next weeks episode.

Here are my questions:

1. Is Nick really alive?

2. Was he resurrected or has he been alive the whole time?

3. When we started, he was pretty new to all of this magic stuff. How did he give Eben his power?

4. What will be Charles’ reaction after he finds out?

What do you think?

Tune into the CW Thursday, May 3, at 9/8c for a new episode of ‘The Secret Circle’

Author: Alex Burlett

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